[CH3] Ruk Diew Khong Janjira (Thanud Lakorn)

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  1. Katelyn

    Katelyn sarNie Oldmaid

    ^ @MomRamy, yes n'ek is a lot younger than p'ek.

    Opening credit/OSTs of the previous version.

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  2. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Gives off some serious Jane Eyre vibes lol. Willie and Joy look nice together and it doesn't seem like Willie looks much older than Joy. So I think any n'ek will do, and honestly Mario has such a baby face the only n'ek who looks a lot younger than him (that I can think of) is maybe Patricia G. But I guess we should see if Mario even gets confirmed in this.
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  3. MomRamy

    MomRamy sarNie Adult

    Oh, then it's hard to find nang'ek ecause mario looks so young!
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  4. lani

    lani sarNie Hatchling

  5. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

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  6. Katelyn

    Katelyn sarNie Oldmaid

    Sorry about that. I thought I saw a thread for it but I couldn't find it due to difference in spelling. Thanks admin for merging them.
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  7. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    This lakorn lake is based off of Jane Eyre. If Mario is the pra'ek they will have to get someone young looking.

    The pranang didn't have a whole lot of scenes together. I hope it gets changed for this remake.
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  8. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    Recently watched one of Patricia G's lakorn and she does have a young cute look. I can see her in braids and school girl attires. I like her voice, she has an appropriate nang'ek voice ( if you know what I mean). It's soft and sweet sounding.
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  9. whitedove

    whitedove sarNie Adult

    Nychaa is really young too.
  10. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    You're right, why didn't I think of her. She's play a school girl well in Nang 'Eye (sp?)
  11. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    I'm not entirely sold on Nycha as n'ek yet. If it were between Nycha and Pat I would rather they pick Pat. But Honestly, I love to see like Ken T & Kim or Great/Pope & Mint the most.
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  12. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I miss this lakorn. Willy looks at least 10 yrs older. I did enjoy their scenes together. I would like more scene in a remake. P'k is playful but sometime seem a bit bi-polar when he gets mad hahaha....

    Mario still looks like a baby. I don't really care for Pat or Nycha....It'd be a skip for me unless there a pra'nang I like. It's hard to watch a remake when a certain one is your "orginal"
  13. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    Omg, I really hope n'ek is good or someone I like. I love the songs, p'aek and n'ek. Loved Joy and Willy!
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  14. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Aww why Mario, its gonna be so hard to find a n'ek lol. I don't really like any of the young young n'eks and i definitely can't see Nycha as a n'ek, she's soooo stiff!
    And I also don't like Pat :(
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  15. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    Hmm Pa' Jaew did like a 180 if he's going with Mario. The last time he gave an interview on this that I remember, he said he was thinking of the older generation like Smart and Ken, and he did approach both tentatively.

    Mario's got such a baby face that even the young n'eks like Pat and Nycha look his age. They're gonna need to find a shortie n'ek. A huge height difference can help a bit like with Nadech and Mew. Not enough to fake a 10+ year difference but a couple of years.
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  16. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    Oh yes, Ken T. I don't mind that . Yes I like Mario you but n'ek would be hard.
  17. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    yes Ken T. ...n'k needs to be short...or andrew
  18. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Well if we had Ken T and the n'ek has to be short I would vote for Taew or Mew. Much as I love Mint, Kim and Yaya they're all pretty tall lol
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  19. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    I hope an older pra'ek that will not look too weird portraying a "young" pra'ek when he first met nang'ek who's 8-10 years old. I believe there were several quick scenes of their encounters.

    I don't mind Ken T...10 years ago.
  20. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    Ken's fine b/c he still look great if the n'ek isn't that young looking. I've seen worse. Willy looked the same in the phase when he met Joy at the young age.

    Depends on how they are going with it I guess.

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