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    From Komchadluek's interview with P'Jaew.

    This isn't anywhere near ready. P'Jaew said maybe next year. They haven't even written the script yet. It's the same writers from Buang Hong so he's waiting for BH to be done to get to this. He also said he wants this version to be more similar to the English novel, Jane Eyre than the thai lakorn. The one with Willy/Joy was so far from the novel. Really I think the only thing they had in common was n'ek's name was Jane.

    So he said he really has to find an older p'ek which there's not too many, the ones in Ken's age group. He asked Smart first and also asked Ken but just asked. As for n'ek he said CH.3 wants him to "create" a new star, so it's a newbie n'ek for sure. They want a teen, about 18 yrs old and for sure it's none of the already famous n'eks. They might hold auditions for it?
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    I've never read the English novel before. Is the English novel better or the Lakorn better? I wonder where I can read it from.
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    It's a classic by Charlotte Bronte. You can find it pretty much anywhere. I think it's available as a free ebook somewhere.

    It's just different. Jane Eyre isn't a straight up romance. It's got a lot going on like all those classics they make you read for Lit class. In that sense it's clearly better but I don't watch lakorns for literary greatness, know what I mean? I watch lakorns for cheesy love stories, overly dramatic trashy telenovela stuff like slap-kiss etc. so in that way Janejira is a better, more romantic lakorn.

    Biggest difference is probably p'ek's character. Rochester is a byronic hero. He's broody, emo, and selfish. Not p'ek material at all.

    Rangsimun can be serious but he's more on the playful and funny side. He's a straight up p'ek. The crazy wife is his twin brother's wife and Araya is their kid and therefore his niece that he dotes on.

    In the book the crazy wife IS Rochester's wife. Adele (Araya in lakorn), is Rochester's mistress' kid. The mistress claims it's his kid but he doesn't believe her and never claimed Adele as his. The guy has crazy wife, mistress, Blanche his fiancé and Jane. So a big theme in the novel, morality vs love, comes up when Rochester asks Jane to run away with him even though he can't marry her cause he's already married to crazy town.

    This isn't really a problem in lakorn cause Rangsimun isn't married. He's also not a player like Rochester lol.

    The biggest plot difference is that Janejira met Rangsimun when she was a little kid and he became her guardian/uncle in secret. That's not in the book. They met as adults in book. So much of the lakorn had Janejira writing to her "uncle" every single thing in her life, not knowing it was her boss Jao Rangsimun as a cutesy love story. If they took that part out to make it like the book, it's a huge change.
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    the lakorn was ' different storyline' from the book but with some similarly. in the book jane is 'plain jane' she described as small , mousey , overall not pretty but she righteous , independence & smart . there age gap of 20 years . in those time period it's normal & acceptable for may/december romance. i watch several English version of Jane Eyre but the best one are the 2006 BBC miniseries , i love it !Mr. Rochester (the main guy) was described as unattractive too :risas3: but he RICH, therefore a good catch in sociality . He have a mistress whom had an affair w/ some France guy & left him with a baby girl , the child is not his b/c he mention they look nothing alike ( the girl is too pretty LOL) but none the less he took care of the child . He was actually trick into marriage . He was blind by beauty & thought nothing of it but the girl family had know she was insane. It seen cruel that he will lock her up but during those time period much was not known about mental illness.
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    Channel 3 wants him to create a new star? :confused0: Umm it is not that easy. At the very least I hope they pick from the newbies they have, because they already have wayyy too many newbies. Honestly, I feel like newbies should all start out at support and work their way up.
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    Wow! The english version doesn't sound too good. I'm kinda disappointed that they'll follow more closely to the book. There was a movie of Jane Eyre? I would love to see it bc I kinda don't like to read.
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    watch the 2006 BBc mini series ! google it in youtube . i love it .
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    Thanks Sarn.
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    Oh no I hope I didn't give the impression that the book sucks. It doesn't, it's just very British and very unlike Thai lakorn-ish lol.

    I never saw the bbc mini-series but there's a movie version too with Michael Fassbender. I did love the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini-series. But my favorite of those series is North and South. Richard Armitage was so yummy in it. Have you seen North and South, Sarn? If you haven't I think you'll love it, if you loved Jane Eyre. It's more romantic than Jane Eyre I think.
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    I do take break from rscene & watch clean romance too LOL.Yes , girl, I saw it All!! I love those English period drama. North & South , the hero was yummy!! You have to watch the 2006 BBC mini series, the hero was yummy & adorably funny.
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    Lol, there's no rscene but there's some hot kisses going on! Ok I'm going to go check out BBC's Jane Eyre on your recommendation.
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    The best scene was when he propose to her but she rejected him LOL that was unexpected considering the time period b/c most woman would jump at that ofter b/c he RICH & young :risas3:
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    I love the BBC series of the "classic" romance. Hard to find which 1 I like to try, so I've only seen a few. Which north and south do you recommend? Remind me of Heather Graham historical Romance novels, she's really good.
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    If Ken was the pra ek, I guess i will like it a bit more. And I would love to see Kim as the nang ek with Ken. But if it's true that channel 3 want a newbie actress, I wouldn't mind Namneung or Michelle as nang ek. NEwbie actress could mean someone who hasn't played nang ek in primetime before right?
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    It's in YouTube. North & South
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    @ ถัดจากเรื่อง บ่วงหงส์ ที่กระแสดีขึ้นเรื่อยๆ ล่าสุดแว่วว่า “ป้าแจ๋ว” ยุทธนา จองคิว มาริโอ้ ลงละครเรื่องต่อไป ส่วนจะใช่ รักเดียวของเจนจิรา

    After getting good feedbacks regarding Buang Hong, the latest news is that Paa Jaew is considering on casting Mario Maurer in his next project, Ruk Diew Khong Janejira (Janejira's Only Love).

    Credit: http://www.komchadluek.net/news/ent/270091

    It's not confirmed yet so let's wait and see.
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    Oh wow that's great if it's Mario. Wondering who the Nang'ek will be or fit this part since pra'ek in the older version, was at least 10+ years older than Nang'ek.
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    Not sure what the storyline is, but I want a Chario reunion really bad! Is the feedback for Buang Hong really good? I haven't gotten into it yet, minus the first part of episode 1 I watched lol
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    This is a remake of 1996 lakorn with Willie McIntosh and Joy Sirilak.


    This lakorn is about a remarkable girl named Jenira, an orphan who lives with her aunt and uncle. When her uncle dies, her aunt sends her to boarding school to get rid of her and she is left practically all alone in the world until one day, she recieves news and a letter telling her that she has been adopted by a kind man who will support her and send her an allowance each month. Though they only communicate by letters and Jenjira does not know his true identity, she comes to love and respect her new "uncle" very much. When she graduates from what we would call high school, she finds a job to teach the young daughter of a "Jaow," a Thai nobleman who lives in Burma. She takes the chance and travels to Burma/Myanmar and meets her boss, Jaow Rangsiman, a playful yet mysterious man. Her new home is exotic and beautiful but it also holds some secrets. In this foreign place and it's people how will Jenjira deal with everything? And as she grows closer to Jaow Rangsiman, how will her romance play out? What adventure awaits her? Is her past behind her or will she be unable to escape it?


    This is one of my fav lakorn. Loved both Willie and Joy. The lakorn was filmed in Myanmar. Both pranangs were dressed in traditional Burmese clothing.
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    So the nang'ek must be a lot younger than pra'ek?

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