[Ch3] Plub Plerng See Chompoo (Guts Entertainment)


Mrs James Ma
Awww I loved ep 1 so much. I cant stop looking at Andrew. Love his English :p cant feel Ice's acting. She was so funny at the airport. 'Hey you'  LOL  :woot2:   :woot2:   :woot2:
So happy to see Gubgib here. Friday come faaaast  :dance1:   :dance1:   :dance1:


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
I love this 1st episode. First time to see Ice, but that's ok. I like her and like Andrew as always.


sarNie Adult
Can't wait to start on this, TPK sounded like it got stupid towards the end so I won't be tuning into that one anymore. This looks fun though!


Mrs James Ma
'Hey you' it looked a bit over act  :loool:  :loool:  :loool:  Andrew was so cute :heart:
Ice is cute as Plub plerng but she cant act as Lily 


sarNie Adult
I think she is a pretty enough girl so what's with the thick make-up? The lip color they had on her was too much. This will be my first time watching her acting.


sarNie OldFart
I skimmed the first episode, I'm not feeling Ice. But dang, Andrew looks good though. Ice's monotone voice and eyes are what's bothering me. Hehe.


sarNie Egg
Sighs! Ice has not improved much since her acting debut and I was actually hoping she would be tolerable enough to watch. She's either underacting or overacting, no consistency at all. And lord mercy, her makeup here is too much. Imagine what it would have looked like in person if its already so bold on screen. Channel 3's newest batch of nang aek's are seriously lacking in both the looks and acting department. 


Mrs James Ma
Its in old page
N'ek is Lily and she's the daughter of a rich businessman. She meets p'ek and kind of falls in love with him. So then she pretends to be poor and rents a room from p'ek and his friends. She tells p'ek her name is Plub Pleung which is just the Thai translation of Lily. P'ek works for her dad. So throughout the whole lakorn she's putting on all sorts of disguises as Lily so that he won't know Lily the boss' daughter is the same person as Plub Pleung. As Lily she's kind of rude to him and act all snobby and ditzy. Then towards the end it gets a bit serious with p'eks story. He's the long lost Khun Chai and some members of his family want to kill him cause they want all the inheritance to themselves.
smilealways06 said:
Can someone tell me the story line or summary of this lakorn?


Mrs James Ma
I think I saw Ice in Boy's old lakorn as supporting character with Jack  :scratchhead2:  :scratchhead2: