[Ch3] Plub Plerng See Chompoo (Guts Entertainment)


Not feeling Ice ...at all, but totally love nang'ek and pra'eks relationship so far. They're not the bickering type...yet. Haha. This must have been filmed right when Andrew came back because he's very um...fluffy in here. Haha. I must say though I do like Ice's voice. It's very nice to the ears...just...she's kind of a miscast next to Andrew.


sarNie Adult
Been watching this without subs...can anyone kindly explain what's going on? About the ring? Andrew's knowledge of his grandma? What goals are Ice and her dad towards Andrew?


sarNie Adult
Ice and her dad wants the land that is supposedly Andrew's inheritance. He is the long lost grandson of Khun Ying, a Khun Chai. His cousin is in debt and his gf's dad wants the land too. Ice likes Andrew so she is there posing as Plub Plerng. But Andrew works for her dad so he works for her other persona Lily. The ring is Andrew's proof for being that grandma's grandson. It has his mom's photo. Andrew kinda hate his grandparents for chasing his mom out when she got pregnant and he was born out of wedlock.


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Hello everyone, this is my first time to join a forum. This is my first reply.
I find Andrew mumbles a lot. I don't know if that's his character but sometimes I do find him hard to understand when he speaks.
ice needs a lot more experience sometimes her eyes don't say what her words are saying. At the moment I can't see her potential to become a superstar but if the channel elders give her oppurnities to act with veteran stars like Andrew then she has a real chance.