[Ch3] Plub Plerng See Chompoo (Guts Entertainment)


sarNie Oldmaid
Mahalo said:
People are talking about how heavy her makeup is in Thailand too. Is it that bad?
Lol yes, extremely bright. Brighter than the nangek likay. Not her fault though, that's all the director and producer.


sarNie OldFart
Andrew has a Thai accent when speaking English. Wah? Actually, it's the script that makes him sound fobby. "Maybe it's you not me to say I'm sorry."  What? Lol.


sarNie Adult
Lol no offense but that poster looks so bad, sometimes the fan arts are better than the official lakorn poster itself. Seems like it's a mixed review, it gets boring some parts but tolerable, not sure if I'm going to continue this or not,


sarNie OldFart
At some parts she is kind of cute (when she has so very little makeup on) but there are parts she looks crazy. In the opening credit at the end where her hair slightly cover half her face she looks creepy and crazy as hell.

Andrew...something about him when watching makes me think back to something far away lol.


sarNie OldFart
Did I tell you guys that Ananda wants Andrew in one of his Korean remakes? Blah. Please no. He has two more remakes under his belt.