[CH3] Nak Soo Taywada: Panjan Kawin/Prang Kannarun

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  1. maeMAY

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    Whaaaa ~~ Thank you so much for the translations! Gawddd, there is so much angst watching their relationship develop because you completely understand where both parties are coming from. You cannot be honest about who you are because it puts the ones the love in danger but at the same time you cannot put your trust into someone you don't even know the full truth about. I am soooo looking forward to when we will get some skin-ship action. They have had some here and there but its so settle, I WANT MORE!! Then again, the more agony we go through the more we appreciate their love story ... at least for me, hahaha!

    YASSSS! I will check this thread every hour to get a summary Lol
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  2. phatman

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    I meant start at Ep6. Hahah. I'm going to present my first batch of Ep6 and will continue tomorrow since I gotta sleep. Haha. Without further ado.

    Episode 6 PhatCaps Part I

    Aunt Gumlai: Here's your favorite hot coco to destress. Tay says so.
    Ya: Tay told you? He said you told him.
    Aunt Gumlai: I had no idea.
    *That brat*

    *Fine, I'll just sip on this coco and think about you*
    *So lonely, my lady*
    *I'm not a creep, I promise*
    *Yo creep*
    We got other surveillances too. Like in the bedroom, bathroom. Wanna watch?
    Tay: No! I don't want anyone watching.
    Pong: Bro, I'm just kidding.
    Tay: You sure?
    Pong: I won't watch. I'd rather watch other things.
    Tay: Like what?
    Pong: Won't tell
    Tay: I wanna watch too.
    Pong: Screenshot_2018-08-04-23-42-38-1.png Let's watch it together then.

    *Why am I still observing her*
    *I am a creep*
    Pong: Bro, don't tell me you watched over her all night?
    Tay: I'm afraid she'll be in danger. I gotta go out so take over.
    Pong: If you're so worried just tell her straight up so she'd understand.
    Tay: One day she'll understand.
    Pong: Will she?
    Here, have some coffee.
    *You don't see this sh-tload of coffee I've been chugging all night?*
    Pong: Guess you won't need this.

    To be continued. . .

  3. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Lol ahhahaha. IDK what else to say. This is just hilarious. :risas3::p PJ and his sleepy face is hilarious.
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  4. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    I like how their love story is building up...they have to face a lot of struggles. Thae got pressured by big boss to join their gang. If not, all his beloved will be in danger. This week episodes will be a heart breaking one for Thae and Hattaya's fans. Just a warning !!!:sad6:

    @phatman :cheer::clap::thumbup::angel10: keep up good work..I can't to see more caps from the cave scenes. :risas3: gonna be so hilarous
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  5. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    hehhehee...I come to follow your PhatCaps here. Thanks for having something for me to read.
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  6. maeMAY

    maeMAY sarNie Egg

    Thank you for the photo caps! So much more adorable now that I know what they're saying, Lol Like as if I wasn't already smiling to myself, haha!


    I just got done watching episode 11 .. yes, I live for this drama by the second, haha! But what did Thae say to Ya when he put his jacket over her?? Srsly ... their settle skin-ship is to die for! I live for these moments!! Lol, but for reals .. their chemistry on-screen is killer! But yeah .. after seeing the preview for tomorrow's episode .. I anticipate to be heartbroken ... the writers and director owe us a lot of cute scenes now!! Lol
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  7. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    :pancarta: don't tell me u trust PhatCaps...:p what were written were made up for mostly for laughing purpose and visual. @phatman see? ur caps attracted people's attention:naughty2:

    p.s. The Jacket scene, he said "Tonight, I stay over to look after Naiying"
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  8. maeMAY

    maeMAY sarNie Egg

    Lol, yes I know that some of captions were jokes only but they still give me a better idea of what is going on, haha

    And OMFGeeeee, why is he so adorable to Naiyang!! Blushing from cuteness!!!
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  9. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    Me too...they are just so adorable together whether on screen or off screen. I don't know but they just seem so natural. We're already half way of the story. I heard this lakorn might have either 23 or 24 episodes which is quite short compare to other evening lakorn. It made sense since the pace is really fast.
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  10. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    . . . continued.

    Episode 6 PhatCaps Part II

    Rai Lady:
    *Muahah I'm gonna raid your house while you sleeping*

    Ya: What are you doing in here?!
    Rai Lady:
    *Sh-t I'm caught*

    *Sh-t now I'm caught*


    *I'm here to save you*

    Ya: We have an intruder. She came this way.
    *I just woke up. Come again?*

    Ya: What's up with the black fabric??
    Rai Lady:
    *I'm so hawt. Literally. I'm sweating.*
    It's just my night gown. Can you leave me to dress up properly.
    Cop: *Woah.*
    Ya: *I look better than her.*
    Rai Lady: *Wanna see more?*

    Cop: I came by for some business.
    Ya: Thankyou for your help.
    Cop: Where's Tay? Why isn't he watching over you.
    Ya: Well the thing is he went back to his home.
    *I. . . fired him. Sad face.*
    Cop: You must watch out for that lady, she definitely isn't here to chat with your bro.
    Ya: I agree.
    Cop: Did the intruder steal anything?
    Ya: No.

    Rai Lady: The evidence your highness.
    Rai Dude: Very good. You must continue to make Bro fall in love with you so you can easily investigate.
    Rai Lady: Yes your highness.
    Rai Dude: I know it's hard, but it's necessary. After this mission, I won't let anyone touch you anymore.
    Rai Lady:
    My life belongs to you your highness.

    To be continued. . .
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  11. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    I'm like trying not to capture so much, but can't help. Haha.
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  12. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Haha. I mainly summarize. Nothing is word for word. Most is just for laughs, but I hope you get the big picture from my caps!
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  13. maeMAY

    maeMAY sarNie Egg

    Your photo caps basically just confirm what I am already assuming through their actions, Lol

    Can someone explain to me why “Rai Lady” is so loyal to “Rai Dude?” Do they ever explain this loyalty or is it just something we blindly accept? Lol
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  14. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    They never explained, I'm assuming she's just in love with him. I forgot to mention it in my PhatCaps, but he did say something about their "love." Which is obviously one sided.
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  15. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    *I'm so hawt. Literally. I'm sweating.*
    It's just my night gown. Can you leave me to dress up properly.
    Cop: *Woah.*
    Ya: *I look better than her.*
    Rai Lady: *Wanna see more?*

    I’m dead on this LOLOLOL :risas3::facepalm:
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  16. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    . . . continued.

    Episode 6 PhatCaps Part III

    Quick intro: Wan invites cop and Ya out on an picnic. Ya and Aunt Gumlai discusses missing book. What is it about? I have no clue. She doesn't want to tell the cops and it's something related to drugs.

    *WTH must I do?? Think, think, think*
    *I'll think for you.*

    Ya: *That a-hole is back?! I'm gonna karate kick you to Earth's core!*
    Ouch. I'm hurt.
    Ya: Serves you right. I told you to get lost and never come back. I don't need you.
    Tay: I saw you weren't feeling well, so I returned.
    Don't pretend to know me so well. You are untrustworthy.
    Tay: You're father made you think he's a good person, when in fact he caused all these problems.
    I accept his mistakes and I will redeem them as he wished.
    Tay: But you won't tell the cops.
    Ya: That'll make me an ungrateful child.
    Screenshot_2018-08-05-19-22-51-1.png You are your father's good girl. If you gather enough courage you can atone for your father's past mistakes.
    Ya: Thank you for enabling me to think.
    Wait. How did you know about-??
    *He disappeared???! Wth. *

    To be continued. . .
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  17. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    . . . continued.

    Episode 6 PhatCaps Part IV

    Quick intro: Minion gets upset at Lieutenant for turning this picnic into a mission, meanwhile Wan watches disheartingly as they both giggle along with Ya.

    Wan: Boat's ready, lets go.
    Ya: Alright, let's go-
    *Really. . . this fool again.* (BPS moment #1)
    *Hey there, good look'n.*
    You know lieutenant, last night someone couldn't go to sleep and was very excited for this outing.

    Lieutenant: This place is peaceful.
    Ya: It's very secluded, you wouldn't know it exists. Wan and I love to relax over here.

    Tay: Shall I go fetch those two?
    Wan: Leave the lovebirds alone.
    Tay: Lovebirds? Those two?
    Wan: Yes, I can see it in their eyes .
    Tay: They like eachother? Or do you secretly like-??
    *Shut your mouth trap!*
    You must not tell anybody! I don't want to bother them and upset Ya. Promise me.
    Got it.

    Lieutenant: *The ocean is beautiful.*
    Wan: *Better keep your promise otherwise I'm gonna push you down this cliff.*
    Tay: *You silly girl, she doesn't like Lieutenant, she likes me.*
    Ya: *Urgh I'm gonna kick both of y'all down this cliff!*

    Rai Dude: *Let me see what that shoulder tastes like. Eew. Sunblock.*
    Rai Lady: *Just give me the darn drink already. *
    Rai Dude: We got stuff coming in soon.
    Rai Lady: New stuff?
    Rai Dude: Take good care of it.

    Quick intermission: Ya confesses to Lieutenant about missing book. Wonders what is actually the truth if her father is indeed guilty. Fast foward to drugs and fighting and shooting and bombing.

    *Noo doors are closed! I'm trapped with this fool!*
    Looks like there's an opening over there. Let's go check it out. Why aren't you helping me seek an exit?
    Tay: I am, from here.
    Ya: Have you found the exit from your spot?
    Tay: How about you? Have you found an exit?
    Ya: Hey can't you use your godly powers to dynamite our way out?
    Tay: Not now.

    Lieutenant: Hataiya are you guys safe?!
    Ya: Yes we are! How are things outside? What about N'Wan??
    Lieutenant: She's safe. I'm gonna go find help!
    Ya: Ok!
    Tay: Your BF came and you're all smiles.
    Ya: *Shut your trap!*

    Quick intermission: Bad guys relocate. Picnic time is over as boat is burning.

    Ya: I hear water
    Tay: Anyone in here!?!?
    Ya: *Wth?!?!* Why did you have to yell?!
    Tay: Well-
    Ya: So annoying.

    Screenshot_2018-08-05-19-58-13-1.png That's an unusual waterfall.
    Ya: What is it? *Crap, I gotta wet my beautiful self? Screw it!*

    Tay:*Holy mother of beauty!*
    Ya:*Oh, what is this feeling?* (BPS moment #2)
    Tay: Why are you surprised?! It's just me. Look over there. Goodies.
    Ya: Wah.
    Tay: Don't go.
    Ya: I wanna know what's in there. Why are they hiding it here?
    Tay: Wait, you can't look!
    Ya: Why? I'm gonna go look!
    Tay: *Look at this mission impossible crap!* Must be important.
    Ya: How do we get close?
    Tay: We will, but not now. If they find out they'll come after us.

    Wan: I told you there's nothing over here.
    Lieutenant: So you're saying the only way here is via boat.
    Wan: Yes. If we don't return by dusk my father may send out some men to get us. Let's just go back.
    Lieutenant: Yes ma'am. Oh! Are you okay? I think you broke your leg. Let me carry you.
    Wan: Uh. . . *OMG! Really?! I wanna ride you so bad!*
    Lieutenant: I know you can still walk, but let me help so it won't get worst. Come on. Don't be considerate.
    Wan: Excuse me.
    Lieutenant: No worries.
    Wan: *My life is complete.*
    Lieutenant: *Dayum she's sticks and bones.*

    To be continued. . .
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  18. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Hugs to phatcaps now I can’t keep up lol :risas3:

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  19. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    . . .continued.

    Episode 6 PhatCaps Part V

    Quick intro: Wan's dad gathers everyone to look for everyone. Rai Dude (BTW I love his deep sexy tone of a voice. Mmm. Ahem. Anyway. Where was I?) Rai Dude volunteers to send his men out to look for them.

    Rai Lady: You aren't sending out your men aren't you?
    Rai Dude: You know me too well.
    Rai Lady: What about Hataiya?
    Rai Dude: I like that woman.
    Rai Lady: *Humph*
    Rai Dude: But if I were to choose between money and love. You should know what I'll choose.
    Rai Lady: *Yeah better be love.*
    Rai Dude: We'll let her become a ghost.

    Screenshot_2018-08-05-20-04-53-1.png *Magic powers come!*
    How did you do that?!
    Tay: My godly powers.
    Ya: So it's true?
    Screenshot_2018-08-05-20-05-37-1.png Sometimes the truth may be false. Sometimes a lie may be true.
    Ya: You talk like no other person I've met.

    Tay: *Girl I know.*
    *Ah you freak!*
    What are you doing? So disgusting!
    Tay: Take a closer look lady.
    Ya: No!
    Tay: You should take yours off too otherwise you'll die from the wet clothes.
    No way! I'm not changing!
    Tay: Yes!
    No! Let me tell you-. Ack!
    Tay: Up to you. *I'm taking my pants off too since I'm at it.*
    Ya: Screenshot_2018-08-05-20-07-31-1.png
    Ack! You crack! You disgusting!
    What craziness is this!!
    Tay: I've put on my shirt.
    Ya: Ack! You nutcase!!!

    Tay:*She likes the muscles.*
    Ya: *How could he do this to me. I'm a virgin!*
    (Darling. . . it's just a shirtless man.)
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  20. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Episode 7 to come tomorrow!
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