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  1. maeMAY

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    effff, I just got done watching episode 9! I went on a roller coaster of bi-polar emotions!! First, I was all gushy because they had such good screen time together then got all sad because Thae said something really stupid that made her not trust him anymore. Thae jokes around too much so she gets confused, :( Someone, please help translate/ answer my questions about the very last scenes of episode 9??

    What did the lieutenant ask Thae when they were all standing outside the house?
    What was Thae's response?
    In the flashback, what was Hataya asking/telling Thae about when they were stranded by the beach-side?
    What was Thae's response to her when she told him this ^ ? (Something about love??)
    What did Hataya say to Aunty when she was punching the bean bag?
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  2. Chario mintmario

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    They were discussing that it was good that the police (the corrupted one) could not find real information/ background of Thae....Thae said his background/ history is his past. The lieutenant told him that ur past is ok but it will affect ur lover (it will make ur lover at risk)...

    Thae doesn't want Hattaya to be in danger so he just said that he is the type of handsome man but he has no heart to be serious with anyone..yeah...something along the line.

    Thae's friend said to him in their secret underground room that "u can't rebuild trust to be the same if it's already broken"

    Hattaya talked with Aunt Kamlay that she doesn't want to hear anything related to Thae because she doesn't feel like he is serious with what he is doing..and she doesn't want to be attached to him..

    I'm not sure which "beach" scene u refer to....anyway hope my translation will help u. It's not completely accurate but I tried my best already.
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  3. xodxo

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    Okay guys I’m trying to start on ep4 now. I’m sure I’ll fly each episode by like nothing. Each episode is very short. But I hope I get some sweets fr the lovers PunPrang. Please.:angel10::icon12:
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  4. Chario mintmario

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    Yep. Please do and share ur views here:angel10:
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  5. phatman

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    I promise I'll get started!! Padiwarada will be done by this weekend. I'll finally be able to catch up!
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  6. maeMAY

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    I am really looking forward to your episode recaps so I can understand in more depth what is going on, Lol

    But ... who else has watched episode 10? What was Hattaya saying to Thae after she hit him with her car? (I kind of laughed at this scene, Lol) And then what did she say that made Thae hug/pull her in closer together? What did he say after he pulled her in closer to him?? Gawddd, he is so good to stare at, :love::love::naughty2:
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  7. xodxo

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  8. Chario mintmario

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    Ep 9 and 10 review:

    I totally could relate to both Thae and Hattaya.

    Thae-------Thae needs to hide his identity or else Hattaya will be in danger. The big boss starts to be interested in him and wants him to join their gang. He is trying to decieve them so that he will be able to find the truth of illegal drug bussiness, who is that big boss and who killed Hattaya's dad.

    Hattaya-------She is strong from outside but very fragile at heart. She has become the target of everyone: her brother, her manager, Narong rith (her brother's friend)...She has no one she could trust even her uncle because her uncle and her dad had a fight once and these two families are no longer that close. Thae actually confessed to her when they were trapped inside the cave that he loves her...She becomes more cheerful because she feel that she can trust him. But later he destroyed her trust...she only needs to know the truth from him..that's it but he can't give her.

    Two things I really like about this lakorn are the dialogues of Thae and Hattaya...they are so meaningful and they made their love story progress naturally. U won't be so stressful because of their conflicts because they are not over dramatic...both of them have their own works to do..it's like their love story is just one part of their day to day life...
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  9. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    @maeMAY Let me translate the scene that she hits him with her car and next scene when they're talking on the hill. Fr 0:00 - 3:32

    Hattaya: Thae! Wake up! Please be alright!

    Thae: I won't die that easily because love does not die.

    Hattaya: Playing with other people's feeling...is it that happy for u?

    Thae: How did I know that u really hit me (by the car)? But it's also good that I know there is someone who is worried of me.

    Hattaya: I'm not worried. I just don't want to be a criminal. But..if u need me to hit u again, I will hit u to die.

    Thae: Please don't go.

    Hattaya: U can go anywhere u want. I don't want to see ur face right now.

    Thae: Angry with me?

    Hattaya: I did not get angry but I hate u.

    Then he hugs her....she starts to cry.

    Thae: come with me..

    Next scene at the hill.

    Thae: Can u tell me why do u hate me?

    Hattaya: Hate! Because everything u said is true is never true.

    Thae: Thing that is not true can also be true..

    Hattaya: I don't want to sit and guess which thing is true and not true. I request to stay with someone whose mouth is the same as heart (in Thai they used this phrase "mouth is straight to heart")

    Thae: Mouth might not be the same as heart...but (my) heart is for u (my "heart is straight for u").

    Hattaya: Can u stop playing?

    Thae: I didn't just say it for nothing. I can't tell u the truth because people who attack me might attack u too.

    Hattaya: I just want to know the truth. Start from the easiest one. Who are u? What are u doing here (at Namchiev Island)?

    Thae: I can't reveal it.

    Hattaya: This is the reason that I hate u.
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  10. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    Yeh..so happy. :cheer:can't wait for ur PhatCaps.
    Well..lol...I have a busy day today. Following their lakorn and their cuteness at Ch3 power team concert. They are just so natural on stage. Fans went gaga..lol...I had the same reaction.:p Ur girl Prang is sick now. She has been working hard.
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  11. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    I love Prang but this a skip for me. Not really into Panjun. His look in here in jot attractive - he looks better in Love Destiny. If only the storyline to this didn't seem so wacky. I just want to see Prang in a comedy romance drama again or something mellow love drama. I wonder what Prang has lined up after this. Sigh. Nothing yet!
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  12. xodxo

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    Seriously need phatcaps lol @phatman


    And @Chario mintmario prang is overworking by overbooking events but you know she’s probably enjoying it. I’m still so shocked she hasnt announced any new lakorn?? :confused0::confused0:

    I am genuinely smitten by PunPrang’s offscreen chemistry. But yea~~ this show needs some serious kicker! It needs a deeper story.

    I am still stuck on ep4 LOL AHAHAH. But every time I see Prangs beauty on IG, and her sweetness with Pj gets me giddy.:aaaaa::icon12::icon12:
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  13. phatman

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    Almost there I'm on episode 12 with Padiwarada! So two more episodes and I'm done!
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  14. Chario mintmario

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    Tell u one thing. Well...During his IG live, Punjan actually hint that next lakorn he will meet Prang again. But we don't know if they will be paired up there and if they are pranang or not. He said let keep it secret first.
    U have only watched 4 episodes. There are much more to the story than what got spoiled...Lol...I lost count how many bad guys here but they are evil in their own ways. Lmao...I just listened to the spoiler for next week. It's gonna be more intense because we have 3 different love stories for the 3 couples happening in the middle of all these chaos.
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  15. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Really?! We can say goodbye to PrangPhet now. Hahaha.

    Anyway. Saw this! Toooo cute!
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  16. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Oh I hope that’s true, dude! Hehe :D gosh~ I want Prang to be lead, though! I hope it’s something modern, but drama and romantic.

    If they’re not leads, I don’t mind if they don’t get to pair up. But if they are lead roles, they need to pair up! But PJ needs to take a different role. I don’t want to see any more comedies from him. He needs a business rich guy type. Hehe :p
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  17. phatman

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    Done with Padiwarada! Nak Soo Tewada here I come!
  18. phatman

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    Where shall I start my PhatCaps?? From the very beginning since we're still pretty fresh??
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  19. xodxo

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    Lol oh god it don’t matter Lololol just do it wherever you’re comfortable. I just wanna see some visuals lol :p
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  20. phatman

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    Alright. Since we're way past Ep1 I'll just start from Ep5!

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