[CH3] Nak Soo Taywada: Panjan Kawin/Prang Kannarun

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  1. phatman

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    Oh wait meant to share these too.

    Screenshot_2018-08-05-19-25-52-1.png Screenshot_2018-08-04-23-38-54-1.png
    Stunned by a beauty.


    Stunned by the belly. Hahahha.
  2. Chario mintmario

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    :aaaaa:a lot of caps and funny comments in one ep alone. Lmao....:risas3: now u spoiled us.

    @phatman I think the note book that got stolen has those secret timetable of boats that carrying illegal drugs. Everyone including Hattaya suspected that Boat Khun Talay might have some relation with her dad or maybe it is even belong to her dad.
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  3. xodxo

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    You guys need to give me a heads up on what is going on right now cuz I am seriously losing motivation here lol :p I heart PunPrang but this lakorn cannot for the life of God carry me on lol :facepalm:
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  4. Chario mintmario

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    :confused12:where should i start from?:risas3: u need to ask some questions...where u left of and what u don't understand about the storyline...etc.
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  5. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Lololol I left off at ep3~| what happens in ep4 til now lol just a quick summary for each chapter is sufficient enough :p

    Or any highlight points. Lol. Have they fallen in love yet?
  6. phatman

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    I thought I was behind! Haha. If I knew you're only on Ep3. I'd start my PhatCaps at Ep1.

    Oh. So "Khon Talay" is actually the name of a boat/ship. Haha. I was wonder if they were talking about the sea or not because it didn't seem like they were talking about the sea. It seemed they were talking about a boat. Tay mentioned it when he snuck up on Ya in Ep6, but I couldn't fully understand it, so I ignored it. Hahaha.
  7. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    Ok...I did a summary of Ep 4 and 5. For Ep 6, i think we can rely on PhatCaps.

    Ep 4:

    -Hattaya's brother got arrested..she thought police found him but actually Narong Rith brought him to his place. Narong asked him to do whatever he can to make Ya married him so that he will try to help him have freedom.
    -Narong invited Ya for a party at his casino. Thae, and the two Cops also go by disguising themselves in order to find some clues. Illegal drugs were found inside. Bad guys knew that they were being hunted down so they switched the box..when actual police came, drugs were gone.

    Ep 5:

    -Main cop resigned from work but his boss from Bangkok decided to keep him there.
    -Ya's brother killed someone 5 years ago, so he has been hiding from the police.
    -Thae and Pong came to meet Kamnun Wattana (Ya's uncle). He asked Thae to keep eyes on Ya.
    -Ya found out that Thae is a spy of her uncle. She fired him.
    -Narong sent Kosom to become her brother's bodyguard.
    -Thae went back to work for Kamnun and became his daughter bodyguard. However, he still keeps his eyes on Ya and disguise himself to protect her at any cost.
    -Ya found a notebook of her dad that records about boat schedule.
    -Kamnun's daughter (Wan) asked Ya to meet to discuss plan on building a school. Wan tripped, Thae caught her on time. Ya found both of them holding hand...jealousy strike;..lmao

    Yes they have already fallen in love. When they were trapped inside the cave in Ep 6-7, they became closer. He even confessed that he loves her in Ep 7 when they were playing game (Telling the truth). Will do more summary later. Hope u could catch up at least the first 6 ep.
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  8. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    Yes i was quite confused at first too. In later ep, they are trying to find who is the owner of Boat Khun Talay and what goods are being carried inside this boat. Ya found that there is no record of this boat in her business reports. So it means her dad might not be the owner but is involved.
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  9. maeMAY

    maeMAY sarNie Egg

    YASSS! I really look forward to the episode 6 recap! Such a sweet episode, I just can't understand the dialogue Lol
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  10. phatman

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    Episode 7 PhatCaps Part I

    *Can't believe I'm doing this.*
    Here's your shirt my lady.
    Ya: Thanks.
    Tay: Better put on your shirt. I don't wanna see a naked person.
    Ya: Then turn away!
    *Actually it doesn't matter anymore. I've seen it all too clearly.*
    Ya: Why aren't you dressed yet!!? You crazy person!

    Ya: *Ahhhhh! There are human bones!!*
    *Phat doesn't know what I said, so lets just say I said "Lets get out of here."*
    *Why am I tortured like this!?*
    Tay: Screenshot_2018-08-07-17-39-00-1.png
    Well staying here is good too.
    *You opportunist!*

    Tay: Where are you going my lady?
    Ya: Screenshot_2018-08-07-17-40-32-1.png
    *Where there's light. Duh.*

    What beautiful scenary. I didn't know it existed.
    Tay: You have you open up otherwise you won't know such view exists.
    Ya: Why did you take off your shirt?
    Tay: Wait here my lady.

    To be continued. . .
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  11. angelswings

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    Those are some beautiful sceneries especially the light coming in from the cave.
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  12. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Thanks dear. Now I really need to catch up! Haha :D
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  13. maeMAY

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    urghhhhh, what is Thae doing? Why is he breaking everyone's heart?? WHYYYYY?? Why can't he just openly share that he is doing "bad things" to protect them? He is going to have so much to make up for when he finally reveals what he is really doing.
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  14. phatman

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    I like Wan's dad. Hehe.
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  15. Tey_official

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    Argggh thanks u so much you save my life hahaha I wonder if any one can kindly translate the ost that punjan sang for this drama I listened to it on repeat everyday but I just can't understand
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  16. phatman

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    Guys I am guilty of neglecting my PhatCaps. I been watching it straight through only. Hahaha.
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  17. phatman

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    I must say though I'm loving Tay and his straightforwardness with Ya. I wonder when she'll fall deep in love with him. And. Who is Tay! Haha. How does he have his powers?? No one is still not questioning his powers and like there were only two peeps who got scared of him when he used his power, which is more realistic. Ya is questioning who he is, but not his powers.

    And. . . who else is falling for bad guy. He's soo good and the way he talks is so seductive. I swear all the bad guys this year have been super hot.
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  18. phatman

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    Um. I like Pong and his crush on rai lady. Hehe.

    I am almost caught up!
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  19. xodxo

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    I am stuck at ep3 still. Lol. Idk but I’m still following thread lol
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  20. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    Guys, I have been busy with my life so I didn't get to continue ep recap too. Lol...I am watching every ep with my parents anyway..and they are as addicted as I am. :pancarta: I think she probably fell deep for him start from ep 9 when she was disappointed at him and hit him with her car. :risas3: last week was an intense week, so the rating went up to 4. Thae works for the big boss and made everyone confused of his action. (((Spoiler))) This week is about Hattaya being arrested by the police..and our Thae will look after her even when she is in the jail :naughty2:
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