[Ch3] Look Tard (Tv Scene)


Bella look great in traditional Thai clothing! Cant wait to watch this lakorn! Since it a period lakorn 555555!


sarNie Hatchling
This should be pinned now as it just aired today. I like it so far but not feeling Ken Phuphoom's acting. Something about the way he talks that comes off very awkward although I shall watch further. 


sarNie OldFart
This production looks very professional and high profile. The graphic is so fancy and different. But the editing is a bit much. One minute they're focusing on the person speaking, and then the next they're focusing on what's going on in the background like someone petting a rooster. Why not focus on the people speaking? It switches up back and forth, making me dizzy.
I think Ken's acting improved a bit. For some reason, I can tolerate him more in here than in Raeng Ngao. He's one of the few newbies that looks very manly. Bella is kind of lacking in her acting though. For some reason, I haven't been very impressed with her acting. I only liked her in Pon Prom Olawaeng. And she was prettier in there too. What happened? Lol.
And is Num gonna turn evil? Since he and Ken like Bella, is he gonna stop being nice to Kaew?    


Wow^that video was amazing. Love the ost too. Huhuhh who else got teary eyed watching it?


sarNie Adult
I'm enjoying this lakorn.  Ken's acting skills have improved ever since he played in Rang Ngao.  Bella still remains as a natural born actress -- she has the sweetest voice ever.  
Love the cinematography and the soundtrack.
The cast at the taping of the Tonight show today.
cr:  as tagged.




`my dragon's blood is blue`
Ken HAS improved a lot. He isn't so stiff anymore. His acting looks natural and he seems at ease with his speech. Bella... oh Bella.. She's just so gorgeous! She doesn't have many scenes yet but she's great in them! I feel the underlying current of attraction Khun Namtip has for Keo. Their love story is going to be sad.
There's lots of random filler type scenes which can get boring but I still like the show so far.
The corny thing that I can't stand is the CG backdrops that they do. It's throws off everything for me. I hope they wouldn't do that.


sarNie Hatchling
Hello everyone!
I am new to this forum, I enjoy everyone's response and opinions. I've been following this forum for awhile and I never signed up for it. Haha. Anyways, I've been following this series and I'm hooked! Sadly, I do not understand Thai. If anyone can help me out with the translation for each episode or scene I requested, I would greatly appreciate your kind help! 
For episode 4, I do notice that Bella is falling for Kaew even more? And she is angry at him in the end of the episode. What is that scene or what is their conversation about?