noey chotika

  1. T

    Game Marn (The Devil's Game)

    Watched bits and parts of "Kleun Cheewit" and I have to admit that Yaya and Mark are way hotter than Yaya and Nadech/ Kim and Mark put together! I've thought of this FF title for a while but could never find a good cast for it but I think I just did after hours of brainstorming. Goal is to wrap...
  2. 040156

    A Smile in Your Heart

    -poster and character sheet added 2/25/2017 photo cr: google images Chapter 1 – Best Friends Forever I can do this. She whispered the words to herself repeatedly like a mantra as she exerted great effort to stay calm. Her hands were cold and her knees were wobbly, but apart from the...
  3. OHOaddict

    Intertwined Love

    My first FANFIC and its already out of hands. The actors/actresses I use were originally chosen by me before i even had a story. This is for entertainment only. Not to criticize an actor/actress. You are more than welcome to make suggestion to the story i write and correct me wherever i may be...
  4. Alice

    Noey Chotika (STAR FASHION Vol.1 no.246 December 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  5. krisayaporn

    Noey Chotika (In Love vol. 4 no. 61 July 2014)

    Cr. magazinedee    
  6. krisayaporn

    Noey Chotika (BaNANA Magazine issue 5 May 2014)

    Cr. I2oom @postjung                
  7. krisayaporn

    Noey Chotika (LEMONADE vol. 4 no. 75 April 2014 )

    Cr. Magazinedee  
  8. krisayaporn

    ์Noey Chotika (Kullasatree vol. 43 no. 1029 November 2013)

  9. P

    "Roomies (Puen Ruam Hong) เพื่อนร่วมห้อง" CH.4.2 UPDATED

        Mark Prin   As a painter and photographer, the beauty of Nature captures Mark's heart in every possible way. He's an artist who shares his artistry talents with the world. Since he grew up in an orphanage without knowing who his parents/family were and where he was from, Mark has a tendency...
  10. Alice

    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99) thanks to Thip@spicyforum 
  11. A

    Noey Chotika (APPEAL vol. 3 no. 25 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee  
  12. Alice

    Noey Chotika (IN LOVE Vol.4 no.53 April 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  13. Cupid Candy

    Noey Chotika (TENN vol. 1 no. 12 April 2013)

    credit to postjung    
  14. Alice

    [Ch3] Look Tard (Tv Scene)

    "ทีวีซีน"คว้า"เคน"ลงละคร"ลูกทาส" ท้าทายฝีมือใช้นักแสดงหน้าทันสมัยเล่นพีเรียด Khun Pin said this lakorn will done by September pra'ek is Ken Phupoom and n'ek not sure yet 
  15. Cupid Candy

    Noey Chotika (MAXIM vol. 8 no. 96 December 2012)

    credit to magazinedee
  16. S

    In the Shadow of Love (Nai Ngao Rak)- CH.10, PART II

    With all the hype of the upcoming lakorn "Rang Pradtana", I just had to urge to write this fanfiction. I know I've got two that I need to tend to but I really can't help it with this one as it is my FIRST R rated story. Hope you guys will like it!
  17. Cupid Candy

    Noey Chotika (HUG vol. 4 no. 4 March 2012)

  18. Cupid Candy

    Noey Chotika (BRIDE