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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [Mono29] Ghost (?): Ken Phupoom

    Is Mono the new Channel 3? Haha!
  2. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] My Lovely Bodyguard (The One Enterprise): Ken Phupoom / Vill Wannarot

    Ken Phupoom is now a free agent after his contract with Channel 3 expired. So far there are rumours of where he'll be next. Change2561 is said to be interested in getting him for an upcoming drama that they'll produce (for the first time) with Channel 8. Khun Boy said that he's open to...
  3. D

    ❤[CH3] MEO Me & You (?) : Ken Phupoom/ Esther Supreeleela

    I don't know if there is a thread for this lakorn yet. If there is a thread already please let me know so I can merge. This will be Esther first lakorn coming back to play for CH3 since 2014. This might air on CH3 app "Mello App". Photos from the opening: Cr to: mgronline
  4. S

    Kong Krapun Naree (KSKS Vol.37 No.952 July 2016)

    cr magdee
  5. S

    Ken Phupoom (MEN'S HEALTH vol 10 no 120 September 2016)

    cr magdee
  6. S

    Ken Phupoom (Secret December 2015)

  7. S

    Ken phupoom, Taew Natapohn (Mellow January 2015)

  8. D

    [Ch3] The Cupids Series Part 3 : Kammathep Online (Broadcast Thai Television) Namtarn & Ken P.

      Title:  กามเทพออนไลน์ / Kammathep Online (part 3 of 8) Also known as:  Duration: TBA Genre: Romance / Comdey Popularity: TBA Air time: TBA Broadcast network: Channel 3 Broadcast period: TBA Theme song:    Producer:  Director: Mai P.wat.P. Screenwriter: TBA Company Name: Broadcast Thai Author...
  9. imomo

    [Ch3] Narkee (Act Art) : Ken Phupoom/ Taew Nattaporn

    During waiting for Mark-Prin's queue to play "Rak-Na-Ka-Ra" until the end of this year, Aof Pongpat has chosen "Nar-Kee" for his new project. Taew Natapohn will play a leading actress role in this project. However, he cannot confirm for a leading actor, because each actor has tight schedule...
  10. koojin

    Ken Phupoom + Namtarn Pichukkana ( Honeymoon Maldives Magazine )

    Ken and Namtarn also known as " Buckteeth " couple went on a honeymoon shoot! I'll post up some photo's wait! Anticipate! ;)
  11. crazy12

    [Ch 3] The Cupids Series (Broadcast Thai Television)

    This Lakorn consists of 8 series. Cr. kenphupoom_lakorn IG  
  12. krisayaporn

    [Ch3] Kong Krapun Naree (Broadcast Thai Television)

    New lakorn from Broadcast Thai Television. They cast Ken Phupoom and Wawwa Nichari as P'ek and N'ek.   They will start filming next years    Cr. KCL     ...Let I guess, Khun Nhong will be new supporter for Wawwa
  13. Sweet_JJ

    Give Me 5: Concert Rate A

  14. krisayaporn

    Ken Phupoom & Sammy Puntita (Puen Duern Tang vol. 35 no. 313 May 2014)

    Cr. Magazinedee                    
  15. krisayaporn

    Ken Phupoom (Elrich Magazine vol.1 no.8 April 2014)

    Cr. I2oom @postjung            
  16. krisayaporn

    Ken Phupoom & Bella Ranee (F3 TV3 FAN CLUB'S MAGAZINE vol. 4 no. 52 March 2014)

    Cr : - Magazinedee - Manager                
  17. Q

    Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her Kiss [Ken T. & Aom S.]

    Lords of Wicked: Ken Theeradeth, Barry Nadech, Mark Prin, Ken P., Aum A., and Boy Pakorn   Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her Kiss   Story #1: Ken & Aom                                   When you wish upon a star…                  Got what she, Lady AmPawn Thanasukolwit, wants but not...
  18. Q

    Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her [Ken T. & Aom S.]

    Lords of Wicked: Ken Theeradeth, Barry Nadech, Mark Prin, Ken P., Aum A., and Boy Pakorn   Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her   Story #1: Ken & Aom                                   When you wish upon a star…                  Got what she, Lady AmPawn Thanasukolwit, wants but not what...
  19. krisayaporn

    Ken Phupoom & Esther Supreeleela (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL vol.12 no.140 January 2014)

    Cr :: Postjung                    
  20. A

    Various Stars (VOLUME vol. 9 no. 180 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee, VOLUME's Facebook, Vill's IG.  
  21. T

    *COMPLETED* Fah Likit Ruk (Heaven Destined Love)- END [6/25/14]

    I know I have two other FFs that I haven't completed but I have to write this one while I'm in the mood. This one is gonna be a time-travel FF. Hope you guys enjoy this one! My first MTEAM FF!
  22. Alice

    Mario Maurer&Ken Phupoom (KAZZ Vol.6 no.81 March 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  23. Cupid Candy

    Barry Nadech and Ken Phupoom (PUENDERNTANG vol. 34 no. 399 March 2013)

    credit to puanderntang FB and postjung  
  24. R

    Saban Nai Mek

    *Hey so this is my FIRST, repeat my FIRST, Fanfic. So bare with my writing. I am writing Saban Nai Mek a fanfic cause i don't know if Saban Nai Mek is gonna be a confirm lakorn or not so Ya.   Saban Nai Mek   Cast:  Nadech Kugimya as James/Samme Kimberley Voltemas as Naralin (Lin) Mint Chalida...
  25. R

    [Ch3] Saban Nai Mek (Lakorn Thai)

    Well, I heard that Khun Da is gonna be doing another project called "Saban Nai Mek" a Lakorn Thai drama, she is planning to repair Nadech and Kim again, since she saw that both had good chemistry and good status, she choose KimBarry has the role. I just heard i am not sure if confirm.   Saban...
  26. Y

    Ken Phupoom In MV  
  27. Cupid Candy

    Ken Phupoom (DONT MAGAZINE vol. 2 no. 23 January 2013)

    credit to DONT FB, postjung  
  28. Alice

    [Ch3] Look Tard (Tv Scene)

    "ทีวีซีน"คว้า"เคน"ลงละคร"ลูกทาส" ท้าทายฝีมือใช้นักแสดงหน้าทันสมัยเล่นพีเรียด Khun Pin said this lakorn will done by September pra'ek is Ken Phupoom and n'ek not sure yet 
  29. S

    Soi Haeng Rak (The Necklace of Love) *UPDATED CH.1*

    Soi Haeng Rak (The Necklace of Love) Genre Historical, Romance Cast First Generation: Ploy Chermarn as Princess Saengkham Rome Patchata as Prince Adithep Chompoo Araya as Princess Areeya Om Akkapan as General Ekkarat Pope Thanawat as Direk Second Generation: Aom Sucharat as Manee Ken Phupoom...
  30. Y

    CH3 Junior/Newbies Dream Couples

    For Some I Did Not Add Because They Are Going To Have Lakorn Later On
  31. Cupid Candy

    Ken Phupoom (TENN vol. 1 no. 2 June 2012 )

  32. C

    No Strings [Ch 1]

    Hello everyone. I have a fanfic I wanted to share. The fanfics stars some of my favorites. I ship Mark and Toey together and with anyone else. I don't know what the fans who ship them together call them by, but I kinda like JaRin. Hope you enjoy it. ---Cloudie Title: No Strings Genre...
  33. Cupid Candy

    Ken Phupoom (KAZZ vol. 6 no. 69 March 2012)

  34. thai4ever93

    [Ch3] Raeng Ngao (Broadcast)

    Ken-Ann remake !!! I cannot believe it! Janie is rumored to be the n'ek.... I personally believe that they shouldn't remake any KA lakorns and Janie might not pull this off. Credits to: noiki @