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    we actually do not need anyone's approval here as long us our topic is NY related since Yaya looks a lot like Catriona in some ways and in some pictures though not 100% xerox copy:risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3:who cares they can not stop us comparing Yaya to Catriona..... is such a huge compliment and honor on Yaya side:cheer::icon12::love:to those NYers who are allergic to CatYa topic please FEEL FREE to click IGNORE button then AVOID acting the sole owner of this thread you will just looked pathetic dumb and UNREASONABLE:yawn::nut::risas3::risas3:

    ALMOST Twin of our beloved Yaya:love::risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3:
  2. It's very hard to choose my dear:crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2:all of NY pictures are great old and new:love::icon12:
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    Nadechs mom is following Catriona :pancarta:She also liked many of Cats posts since she won. I know there are many Philippine fans who are very proud of catriona. it’s baffling that there are people who cannot just a little similarities that they don’t see it at all. I think they don’t know catrionas face very well or on,y know yayas face. Cause looking at both I can tell who’s who of course. But if you’re not on guard. Like I am following both on IG when one of them post I had to look for a few seconds. Cause each of them remind me of the other. I’m sure Na’s mom sees somewhat of a resemblance, it was held in Thailand and probably many people there watch the pageant . For her to follow her she must have seen her in the pageant, Cat looks so much like yaya when she wears minimal makeup like in the throwback clip and also when she was holding hand with South Africa before she was announced Miss Universe. Unfortunately In pageants because it’s in the stage and it’s lighting one has to wear thicker makeup.
    If you seen catriomas pics when she was young and teenage years, it was so similar with yaya. It’s not even just the face but the bone structure, I’ve noticed since it was the young yaya she resembles the most, like the one in GRGR and DJA . Yaya lost a bit of weight since. Her face although still beautiful or more so. Was fuller when she was younger. Cat Has a fuller face that’s why she resemble the young yaya. She not as slim as yaya. She has a little more meat also on the front.. But she is still slim. She’s also taller than yaya 5’10 .
    I didn’t realize yaya is a bit on the thinner side. Cause catrionas body is bigger than yaya and she is still slim in the pageant standard.
    This is when Cat was younger also. She looked very much like yaya in these commercials

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  5. NY2018

    NY2018 Always be thankful & grateful. ☘︎✌︎☕︎❅

    Despite the fact that all NY photos are great, sweet and fin! Its difficult to choose. 555
    However, I really like this two photos from 2018. Two of my favourite photos of NY. :):icon12:

    2018 Ch3 Vic Big "Fantastic 3" Event.
    Cr. to the rightful owner

    Paris Date
    Cr. aarshar and keaw_jung
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    Gonna spam you guys with many pics of NY. They just look good together
    Screenshot_20181220-231812_Instagram.jpg 20180721_221646.jpg 20181219_230224.jpg Screenshot_20181220-231652_Instagram.jpg 20180721_221658.jpg 20181220_232157.jpg Screenshot_20181220-231844_Instagram.jpg 20181220_232210.jpg
    Cr. On pic

    Attached Files:

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    Magazine cover version. They were the real version of Barbie and Ken:love::icon12:

    Ps. Why on earth there's no NY together in any mag cover in 2018 . Both were like becoming much more popular internationally and we really need atleast one this year.:worship2::worship2:
    B37Bisg.jpg CrfGSgfVYAA9TRG.jpg 11061656_647089388752958_4424972838491131086_n.jpg 1542f852a49c64b05d19732be07a9e6e.jpg DmpYZgDU0AAIOkM.jpg 17799118_1130293630432529_6060626577575419888_n.jpg 295720-56d6457a0b221.jpg CrfGT-lUEAEStXY.jpg 1bab659140bdf0eae26a70f2944b10bc--yaya-couple-magazine.jpg
    Cr. Kullastree Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, In Magazine, Image Magazine, Traveller's Companion Magazine
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  8. I think my most favorite NY pictures will be their real life WEDDING DAY pictures and NY pictures with their real life babies:love::icon12::naughty2::cheer::cheer::clap::thumbup:IN THE FUTURE
  9. Dhamirah

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    I know rightttt. In LLSR, bts pic of NY with wedding dress. Oooyyyyyy so finnnnn. Imagine its their real wedding day:icon12::icon12: 20190105_235156.jpg 20190105_235132.jpg 20190105_235119.jpg 20190105_235051.jpg 20190105_235039.jpg 20190105_235210.jpg
    Cr. No problem FG ig, Praew ig
  10. YadechTaemint

    YadechTaemint Magnet Couple

    More pics of Ya for Vogue :thumbup:







    Cr kakie.makeupartist & voguethailand

    GMM25 released the interview they did with Ya; they asked her about what she went to do in NY & LA, she said she can't reveal the details but it is something really big & major. She said just speaking about it then, she was already excited. Since she was younger, being a friend of LV was something that she wanted the most. In relation to Nadech's solo concert, she said it's a dream that he has wanted for a long time & she's happy to be a part of his dream.
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  11. NY2018

    NY2018 Always be thankful & grateful. ☘︎✌︎☕︎❅

    The sweetness and the pouting behind the scenes. FINN! :icon12::icon12:
    A0FDA799-6893-4061-A95B-51030AD2DB5E.jpeg 1C5B2A68-10B1-40BF-94B5-7F04D25A3060.jpeg AB507269-6548-4961-9B9D-F3A083C86487.jpeg F83265A5-5A7E-4993-8CE5-964BD0DF27B9.jpeg
    Cr. thongentertainment
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  12. ASIANFusion

    ASIANFusion sarNie Egg

    Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.51.59 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.53.24 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.53.24 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.39.14 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.38.29 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.39.14 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.40.12 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.51.59 PM.jpg A Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.48.43 PM.jpg B Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.48.56 PM.jpg C Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.49.07 PM.jpg D Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.49.39 PM.jpg E Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.50.08 PM.jpg A Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.48.43 PM.jpg

    NA with friends at Niseco
    Credits to
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  13. farfalla

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  14. ArabellaRose

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    Wow. I’m happy he’s enjoying himself. But I’m a bit concern. Unless he has some thermal or something under that top. It didn’t look warm enough. In a weather like that, either you wear thick coat like what his friends are wearing or you layered up or you have some kind of thermal thing underneath. Because you can really get sick . I can tell he’s really cold. His face especially his nose is red.
    When I was younger I used to not like wearing thick coat too bcsuse it’s so unattractive. Teenager always chose looks over comfort. But glad my parents forced me, bcsuse some people can develop many forms of illness such as arthritis etc, from being expose to the cold constantly. Comfort over looks makes so much sense in this kind of weather,

    When you’re in a zero or around zero temperature this is the most comfortable and appropriate way to dress, https://www.instagram.com/p/Br8WtM5F6V6/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=bmfql7ebvqzo or this https://www.instagram.com/p/BsHQWdmF5tP/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&

    This one crack me up though


    . She said temp is -19 but feels like -30. And her face looks like she’s very cold, ..Maybe becsuse she is wearing this,,lol. This isn’t warm enough for that kind of weather (-19) In that kind of temperature you definitely don’t want to expose your neck, ears and you may even want to cover your mouth.
    but hey , it’s a nice winter clothes might as well take pic of it, :risas3::risas3::risas3: yaya is a sensible girl she probably put more stuff or change after this pic.

    Anyway, I hope nadech truly enjoy his vacation and comes back happy and healthy. :)
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  15. farfalla

    farfalla sarNie Hatchling

    Agreee..... LLSR wedding photos are amazing...
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  16. xoxoeds

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    Ahhhhh!! Vogue Thailand digital copy is now available for purchase!!!! Can’t believe us international fans may avail of Yaya’s feature on Vogue!

    Found it through magzter, an app for digital e-subscriptions. You dont have to subscribe if you don’t want to. You may just log in as a guest. Tons of beautiful Yaya pics there. No idea what the captions are saying though
  17. farfalla

    farfalla sarNie Hatchling

    Best NY interview ever!! The interviewer did a really good job... It flows very naturally which helps NY to open up... No pressure... No pushy questions... No excessive teasing.. Not loud but still enjoyable:cheer:

    I learned new things about NY. Yaya and Nadech relationship seems very healthy. They both really support each other's dreams. As for their relationship, I like the fact that Yaya trust Nadech to take the lead as a matter of fact when the interviewer ask them about their future plan. Nadech told him his dream and Yaya told hers.. They have different focus yet I can see they really respect each other's personal goals. Yaya let Nadech to take the lead and make major decisions but Nadech would take Yaya's opinion into account and listen to her. It was quite apparent when Nadech asked Yaya if she is keen to try car racing and she said No. But I know Nadech is the type who will encourage Yaya to try new things and boost her confidence.

    I like how unmaterialistic driven they are with their goals unlike most celebs (with their fancy handbags, well nothing wrong but there is more to life than to afford the luxurious life). Nadech goals is to let his f mily live comfortably and to do good deeds and Yaya is all about self accomplishment, how far she can push herself.

    Hufffttt can they stop being perfect...:fighting3:
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  18. [​IMG]

    I cant imagine when NY are married living in together Yaya will get goose bumps everyday:love::icon12::naughty2::risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3:
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