[CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

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  3. [​IMG]
    seeing NY baby pictures reminds me their future babies how they will get their parents looks:love::icon12::naughty2:

    HAPPY Childrens Day Thailand:cheer::cheer::cheer::thumbup:
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    NY are so quiet. Nadech is busy doing laundry and liking instagram posts every 1 hour

    Hope they appear in a magazine or event together again.

    I was watching NYFC videos and was surprised to find out that break up rumors came out on both early 2017 and 2018? It will be good to have a dedicated NY thread here in Asianfuse. This lankorn is already over and does not make sense to post NY stuffs here.
  7. You're correct but we still dont know what is the next NY together lakorn we can actually go to Nakee2 thread since this movie will be shown to other countries like Cambodia and Vietnam but Nakee2 thread is toxic many NY haters are there to avoid conflicts NYers mostly choose to stay here.But as soon as there is news and confirmed new NY together movie or lakorn we will surely close this thread and make a new one:angel10:
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    Not try to be pessimistic but I don’t think we will see NY in a lakorn or movie anytime soon. I’m new to Thai lakorns but I assume out of all koojins, NY have the most lakorns/movie together. Though I won’t complain if they have more projects together (I’ll be more than thrilled) but if even some NY fans think it’s more than enough, probably non fans would like to see them paired with other people more.
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    Thanks for sharing. He sounded so good.

    CaSURVIVOUR Mrs.Urassaya_Sperbund_Kugimiya

    It doesn't matter with or without movie or lakorn together N.Y. will keep on spoiling the NYers :love::naughty2:

    :love:NY Real Life:icon12: events :love:are much better than lakorns some NYers even dislike :BangHead::BangHead:RS LLSR and LR:fighting3::pancarta::pancarta::pancarta::pancarta:
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    Just wanted to say hello and wished everyone a wonderful week!
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    Hello everyone and hello to you, @Vimalee. It's so nice of you to stop by.

    Awww.....so cute.!
    Mae Keaw posted this picture with a caption:
    "May you have a good dream with this picture krub:icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: Good Night krub @wishforthaikids @urassayas"

    So proud of Yaya....

    Yaya looks stunning in Freshlook contact lenses CF.....

    cr:as tagged, rightful owner
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    “ From: Your better half “ :icon12::risas3:

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    Thanks for all the updates girls :).
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    Sending love from Svalbard :icon12:

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    Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Just got back from celebrating my birthday. :)

    Yaya at today's Bakamol Event at Unairak Fair. Suay Mak! :icon12::icon12:
    0F88B62D-EC83-434F-8096-883AC6616D4B.jpeg Cr. mairatchada1

    Cr. KMP BJF

    Cr. A N N E A N N

    Cr. suwanan.june
    Nadech's #eightpack :coleman::icon12::love:
    BED16738-181C-4AC1-AE70-73D55C6618A5.jpeg CBEDDAF9-CCC2-431E-992C-36B1DF8B9C90.jpeg
    Cr. to the rightful owner
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    I am speechless that Daradaily didn’t include Nadech in “Best Actor of the Year” for lakorn Category but they include M*k :BangHead::facepalm:
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