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Going to spend the new year's eve crying out my single life at the corner.... How come reality is better than a drama.... How come behind the scenes better than human scripted drama... It is very rare to happen in fact probably only one in a hundred million...

Gosh I hate how LK team did not take the advantage of this coupleeee... in a good way I mean... they have the CHEMISTRY.. Even little affections will make a significant impact with their uncanny and unparalleled chemistry but they did not take that that opportunity.... You claimed it romance but 70% of it action with 25% twisted drama... You give the viewers false exceptions..

Ok... disappointment aside.. I still appreciate them for respecting Nadech Yaya's choice to keep things private and release fin behind the scenes only until they went public with their relationship...

Anyway... How come they look so perfect.... Can't get over their styling... I really have to give that credit to Anne... Nadech never looked that good...

One of my wishes for 2019 is that Nadech will cut his hair back to Dawin or Pongprap style hehe

Be right back after I finish staring at their fin pictures... :pancarta: oh my weak heart..... I caaaannn'ttt

Well Ann say she didn’t wanna sell the koojin thing lol smh
I don’t think it’s ny who made or ask them to do that , if anything they r up for it , it’s Ann and her team who screw up smh , so stupid lol
So I’m not the only person who unhappy with Anne that she decided to cut out all jin scenes of Dawin and Alice :BangHead:

Poor NY, hope the next production to make NY’s lakorn will not Thong ENT again :angel10:
i feel yah:yawn::nut::mad::(;):eek:

:BangHead::BangHead:the main reason I DONT FEEL THE NEED TO BUY the DVD set:fighting3::fighting3:

i would rather watch old and new NY real life videos:love::icon12::naughty2:and Nadech's Concert on May :cheer::clap::aaaaa:


:cheer:Happy New Year to all NYers in this thread and worldwide NYers:cheer:
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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
I hope that 2019 will bring more joy, happiness, laughter, love and fortune.
Cr. happynewyear2.com

Throwback to a few NY sweet moments of 2018. FINN! :icon12::icon12: #teerak #pbearsuperman

Paris and in love.
85107A81-BEE1-42B3-B29D-97B88EC0345A.jpeg DDEB3CF9-E4B9-4F34-BD8E-6C12193AF0F4.jpeg 6FD44F55-568B-41E8-9F11-79E136A2FA01.jpeg C6EFF980-2D30-4A28-B58F-6CC4E31C7951.jpeg
Cr. urassayas, keaw_jung and aarshar

NY celebrating Halloween together after Yaya's trip with her friends to Soneva Kiri.
B346F5EE-95F3-43C6-9134-9191390EC568.jpeg 3D9EE9B8-A149-4569-8DEF-3BEB5D234224.jpeg D537871D-6BD5-45B3-BE5F-E3D2E7221D4D.jpeg
Cr. keaw_jung
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Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness and prosperity for you, happy new year because

#everyday is special day

For next year, I hope there will be more Shopee events LOL

Absolutely need to post these pics here!!! :love: :love:

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As usual Na & Ya are still popping up in the polls:clap:

Suan Dusit Poll on 'The Best of 2018'

Male celebrity that people like/admire
1. Pope
2. Nadech
3. James Ma

Female celebrity that people like/admire
1. Yaya
2. Bella
3. Aum P

Hat Yai poll
Male celebrity that people (in the south) want to celebrate New Year's with:
1. Toon Bodyslam
2. Nadech
3. Mario

Dara Poll in Thairath newspaper
Cr pornpanr

"Pra-ek in (my) heart"
1. Nadech
2. Weir
3. Pope
4. Pong
5. Mark & JJ

Title roughly translates to "Sweethearts of the entertainment (industry)". And Ya is the only of her generation on the list :thumbup:
1. Aum P
2. Aff
3. Toon Bodyslam
4. Bird T
5. Yaya

This isn't really a poll but Workpoint released a list of the superstars that made the most money this year as presenters:
1. Yaya
2. Bella
3. Mai D
4. Nadech
5. Peck P
6. Pope

NY were named the influential couple of the year :thumbup:

'Thai entertainment with the 9 strongest grasae (trends) on the social network world in 2018'
No. 4: Sweet pics through #nadechyaya's Instagram
Cr: https://thestandard.co/drama-thai-entertainment-2018/


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Thank you everyone for sharing all the best moments of NY in 2018. It's such a great year for NY and NYFC.
Hopefully there will be more surprises and good things from NY in 2019.

Wishing NY and everyone here a wonderful new year with lots of love, happiness, good health and success!
Happy New Year 2019!

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What a great way to start 2019! :)
Nadech your truly special. A one of a kind for Yaya. Can't wait for what's to come for NY this year and in the future. :clap::clap:

A newspaper article interview on Nadech about his relationship with Yaya. Na also talks about marriage and having children in the future. FINN! :icon12::icon12:
Cr. Pornpan
A8CA1ACE-E8B5-47B3-A595-476A76E56947.jpeg 32100867-63CC-4F70-9D91-07645A7885D9.jpeg
Cr translation: onlyalizt twitter

Cr. queenyeon tumblr
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2018 in pics, gifs & videos :love: (ngl I was fangirling a lot while making this post :risas3:)

Likit Ruk The Crown Princess: no.4 on Ch3's list of lakorns for 2018, first ch3 lakorn to be bought by Tencent & was bought for ~50 million baht, trended on Weibo, had high views on Tencent, Mello & LINETV, sale of the boxset made ~3+ million baht and there were more orders than the names on the list etc:clap:

Cr queenyeon

Nakee 2, the highest grossing Thai film of 2018; with packed cinemas & full screenings from day 1, despite the hate NY received when the film was first announced :thumbup:
Cr poo_poly

Cr queenyeon

Cr keaw_jung

If I'm not wrong, the 'Sai Naen Hua Jai' MV has the highest number of views for any OST MV in 2018 :clap:

To think it went from "Why are NY the leads?!" to "I never knew NY were this good" and at least 85% of the feedback for the cast being about NY and their acting


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Thank you Shopee for making 2018 even more memorable :love: Like sasuke, I also hope NY have more Shopee events in 2019 :angel10:

Cr queenyeon

Cr sasuke

MY FAVOURITE EVENT OF 2018!!!! They look like royalty! :worship2:

Cr on pic

When Ya came to send him off before his tour of Europe with his friends :icon12:
Cr to owner

One of the most iconic pictures of the year :love::love:
Cr urassayas

HK trip :love:
Cr urassayas

"He came to send me support"
Cr urassayas

"My favourite photo of you on the best day of the year, n what a year it has been!"
Cr urassayas

Ya's last interview in 2018 & what a good interview it was :love:

To think I haven't even covered everything that happened in 2018; there is still the 'ngam ngam' salad, NY's dates during Ya's holiday together in the summer, Ya visiting Na on set with mango sticky rice, Na flying over to Chiang Mai to visit her on set, their individual achievements and work for the community etc :thumbup:

And on that note, I wish everyone a happy new year & I hope that 2019 will be an even bigger year for NY & NY FC:icon12:
Cr hafsah_zz
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What a great way to start 2019! :)
Nadech your truly special. A one of a kind for Yaya. Can't wait for what's to come for NY this year and in the future. :clap::clap:

A newspaper article interview on Nadech about his relationship with Yaya. Na also talks about marriage and having children in the future. FINN! :icon12::icon12:
View attachment 31293
Cr. Pornpan
View attachment 31291 View attachment 31292
Cr translation: onlyalizt twitter

Cr. queenyeon tumblr
related for real:love::icon12::naughty2:




Keep On Smiling
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