[CH3] Kom Faek (Metta Mahaniyom) : Mark Prin / Kimmy Kimberley


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
I appreciate Kim more with light make up and almost with no make up look because it shows how beautiful she is. In this lakorn, she has light make up and it helped show her natural beauty. :icon12:
Yes very true. I agree with you.


sarNie Egg
i wish if someone o a more happy romantic FMV of nchun and gun i know their love was so heartbroken so much pain and suffer but i just don't want to see more sad FMV it broke my heart again and again yet they are beautiful FMV touch and broke my heart at the same time :D
Yep I agree they had to go thru a lot of suffering, but in my opinion thats what added depth to their love. I loved the faith, dedication, understading n commitment they had towards eachother spécially Anchun :cheer:. Anchun n Gun r swoon worthy couple :worship2::icon12::clap::love:
So totally agree with you n wish too someone makes a happy n romantique mv :aaaaa:


sarNie Tombstone
so finally the weekend and i heave free hours to watch and do gif

and let's start wih this tragic painful scene that i had again a hard time watching it ,
this is why i don't want to watch action with scene like this it's too much for my taste and i can't enjoy watching it



sarNie Tombstone
and coming to the moment that ripped my heart to million pieces and i sobbed and sobbed and sobbed until my face was washed
i can't describe enough or epxress enough how much my heart felt this moment i tried so hard not to relate it to personnel but i couldn't i just couldn't i felt i was the one crying there screaming "please don't leave me " "this is not true" , no matter how much i use word it won't be enough to express how it's painful to lose someone you feel it's the world to you your happiness your light the soul that makes you feel less lonely , i will just stop here and cry again posting the gif



I have issues with the videos from SJDK. It seems so dark.. so I decided to download all of the clips from Ch3 channel and use the soft sub from Kimmy FC ofp page and my internet is not cooperative.. grrrr!! but this is a lot better :) I still need to watch the full 13 and 14 eps.


sarNie Tombstone
yes it's dark but i think they did that to be able to post it witch *phewww* we completed the lakorn with sub despite all the obstacle the subber are fighter :cheer::cheer::cheer:

that now i gathered more energy i will continue to post the "last" round of gifs here
with the gratitude i have that thye didn't kill me and gave us the fairy end with the good beat the bad and happy ever after even if int he real life we don't always have happy ending for relationships in general not just between lover but in general here anchun was lucky gun come back to life , made my heart redeem a little and feel happy in her place :icon12:

love is everything in life for real if you have no one to love or no one loves you there where you can be called real miserable

beside you until death separate us



sarNie Tombstone
soooooooooooo beautiful and soooooooooooooo heartwarming to see them smile like this again after soooo much pain you guys gave me a tough ride :D

when she said this line i wished if the end was in the water cause their most memorable sweetness was in the water :icon12: :icon12: