[Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya


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What are they saying? I don't understand Thai.
Thai fans created a twitter hash tag titjee because of last week scenes between them. And both Yaya and Mark talked about their characters falling in love because of the small moments, and there's no in between like sweet moments like other pairs... what will happen this week will be a peak, a large wave.


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When KC will start on air in Thailandia, here it will be 2.30 PM, but I can't watch the episode on air because of university :crybaby2:I'll watch some videos from Instagram during the breaks :BangHead: I hope tonight I can watch it with english subtitles :angel10: This wait is struggling! Refresh the instagram page for updates every minute :pancarta:


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I have uni early tmr so definitely I can't watch KC tonight. I think I'm going to watch it on the train and during my break :)


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What are they saying? I don't understand Thai.

This is what I deem to be the important bits:

Fans have been getting sucked in by the emotional drama of the film. There's now a Titjee hashtag because the two leads are finally getting on now. The fan response to KC has been really good and both Mark and Yaya are really proud.

Basically Yaya talks about how Satit and Jee aren't like other couples. They don't go out on cheesy dates like traditional couples, but they have small intimate moments that are full of meaning. She then talks about how their relationship escalates really quickly, "when they go, they go ALL the way" ya know:p?

Mark talks about how even he is kind of addicted to KC himself and praises Yaya about how she steals the show with all her emotional scenes. Then talks about how Jee and Satit are kind of dating now but its like a calm before the storm, because even more shit's gonna go down soon.

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Today is D day! I'm about to hit the crazy waves and surf myself to KC's happy island! I'm off work today so I can watch this lakorn with ease in my PJs drooling over Mark's fine face. My poor husband doesn't know about my obsession. LOL

Catch you guys again after the epi airs!


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I'm giving up watching live...so lag and buzz. Better to wait for youtube and tweet #คลื่นชีวิต
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