[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

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  1. PrincessKarina

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    Oh I see. Thanks for explaining sweetie! Oh my goodness I just want to watch in peace.
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  2. OMG. WTH is this????? I don't understand how people could do wrong and have such a thick face about it!!! :mad:
    They are going to ruin it for everyone who needs subs. Don't they understand it?
    I feel so bad for the original subbers. If you are on the original subbers' pages, make sure to say encouraging words to them and that you understand their pain and support their subbing work. They are doing subs out of love for James or Taew. I wish people understand this commitment. It's volunteered!!!! They are donating their time.
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  3. Here goes my thoughts on Nok and Nai and Epi. 5+6. :p

    Nai - What can I say? Can I clone him? I don't know if I am a full fledge JJ fan yet but I LOVE NAI! I love this character and I love the way James plays him. His love is so hard to resist. Game or not, it seems so pure.
    The only fault I would put on him is to keep his relationship with Khae a secret from Nok. He said it's his past and he has moved on... and I get it. I truly do. BUT we WOMEN need explanations. Not just action because we will take everything and analyze and BOOM we will all go on the misunderstanding road because of love and pride. Nai needs more understanding of how women think, not just understanding Nok. lol

    Tawat - DumbASS! hahahahaha I am actually MAD at him. He made a mess of all this situation. He put his daughter in the dark and pretended that the marriage is all perfect! And, I have no respect for a man to go after a woman his daughter's age and especially a gold-digging family (the mother is so ewwwwww). He is throwing money around knowingly just to be with a younger woman. Love or not. I am grossed out by it. I don't blame Nok for her behavior here at all. I understand Nok here.

    Wi - I love the mom. I think the marriage is over because she is over Tawat. Maybe she married him because he is a nice guy but she needed love and attention that he didn't provide so she moved on. She is done and No DRAMA from her. I like this Tanya character. I also really love her relationship with her daughter. Nok and Wi are just so so lovely together. I love her relationship with Nai too. She really loves him and took good care of the orphan child. Nai is who he is because of her (ok, Tawat can take some credit here too). I love their talks. It's so honest and heart warming.

    Penny - What a sorry character. She is so cheap. So annoying.

    Khae - At this moment, I am more annoyed by Khae than Penny. I think Penny is a loser so I don't waste my time on her but Khae can cause trouble. No matter how you look at it, Khae IS A GOLD-DIGGER. She left Nai when he had nothing. Now he is VP at Green Dream, she wants their love back???? *puke* :risas3::risas3::risas3:

    Wet - Whatever..... Mr. Doctor is a nice guy but I am just not interested in his character. Maybe later when Penny dumps him. lol I know, I am mean but he deserves it for leaving Nok on the beach.

    Wuthaa - YUCK! I wanna punch his face every time I see him. Such bad vibes. Don't worry Nai, we'll group punch him for you! Right, #groupattack gang???

    Grandma - Shouldn't she be at a temple meditating or something? How can someone have so much hatred for a boy who didn't choose to be born that way. AND bring that snake Wuthaa into Nok's life???? She better make up for all this later.

    Last but not least - NOK: Ok, she is spoiled but I totally understand her. I think I might be worse than her if my parents put me through that kind of situation. The reason I love Nok tho is that I think she is not evil. She is hot headed but she is just defending her turf or family.
    Immuture yes. Evil No. She is actually kind hearted. You can see that when she is with strangers. She shows empathy.
    Entitled yes but she is also a really hard worker. She just needs to grow up.
    I see her needs are so simple. She wants a warm family. That's what she is after ALL her life. I kinda pity her when I see a girl who is trying to hold on to a perfect family image.
    So yeah, I get Nok and I cannot hate on her. I am TeamNai but TeamNok too. hahahaha Also @KitKat516 should give my girl Nok a chance :p

    Gah, I wrote a long post but I can also sum it in a sentence. LOL
    I understand Nai and his love for Nok because he sees the real Nok, the spoiled girl who is actually good and kind but also having a hard lesson of life and love.
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  5. Oh, Question!

    Do you know the age difference between Nai and Nok? I keep guessing but their difference in maturity keeps messing with my head. lol
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  6. MKfan132

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    I was woudering that myself.
  7. At least 5 years difference????

    When he say things like "someone who's been waiting for more than 10 years" then I start counting when he fell in love with Nok and when Khae came into picture (college). Was he in love/still in love with Nok when he was with Khae????
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  8. rae

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    I don't think it's a 5 year difference, maybe 2 or 3? Since the child actors don't have such a noticeable difference in age, and Nok used to have to use Nai's old school books too. Don't those school books need to be updated to new editions every few years..?

    And yes, he's always been in love with Nok, even when he was with Khae.
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  9. KitKat516

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    Lol it in Thailand. I remember having to use my brothers and he was 4 grades ahead of me.
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    @lakornkiki love your thorough explanation. I LOL’ed oo hard about the Grandma. She is very harsh and dramatic. I sometimes wonder how Wi isn’t a little bit like that.

    I also just realized, we have so MANY side characters/plots but am glad that Nai& Nok aren’t lost within the side characters. We still get focused on them.

    @PrincessKarina So far I am still able to watch but we shall see what is ahead for us if the trolls continue. :BangHead:
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    Like I said before, this is a significant scene. Nok's wall of hatred for Nai is crumbling down. Why would you show your enemy your vulnerability? That says a lot because she did break down in front of him.

  12. MKfan132

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    I don't think it is 5, I think maybe 2 or 3 years but that is just my guess.
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  13. toasty

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    So of course the main reason that Nok will turn back to being a bitch to Nai again because she feels betrayed and that she has been lied to about Nai and Khae's past relationship, but who knows that somewhere deep down there, Nok is lowkey jealous. She already started to fall for him when the game has just begun and she constantly has to remind herself that this is just a game. Nok is possessive over the people she loves, telling from her not wanting her dad to marry Khae because she wants to keep her family and she feels like she's not getting enough love from her dad so maybe she feels threatened by Khae taking Nai away?! If she didn't love and trust him, she wouldn't be this angry and upset. She says hurtful words to him to hurt him but she doesn't know that she's hurting herself by starting this game. After all these dramas, at least we all know that Nok will lose. What Nai said in the hotel that night will become true. She will be Miss Nok with his last name. She will forget what hate is and will have to ask and beg him for a hug (I think this is when he turns cold to her and it makes her feel bad). Well eventually Nok will break that outer shell that she has been keeping when she tries to be strong and protect herself, she will show her soft side and Nai will be able to reach her heart.
    (These are just my thoughts, I could be wrong. I'm not good at analyzing but I tried)
  14. toasty

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    So what I think about the whole Nai loving Khae while loving Nok thing is: Either, like a lot of people said, Nai has been loving Nok but he felt like he wouldn't have a chance and he wouldn't be able to reach to her so Khae was a rebound OR Nai loved Khae while they were in college (so I'm guessing 20 years old) and she dumped him so then Nai loved Nok starting after Khae dumped him and it's been 10 years so that means that he could be 30 years old now. Didn't Wi say that she sent him to London to take care of Nok or something so maybe he loved Nok since then? Anyways, I hope they will clarify this because a lot of people have been guessing but we still don't have an exact answer.
  15. roselovesice

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    But in the beginning of the lakorn, didn’t Nok just graduate college? I don’t think their age gap is that big either. I’m sure Nai has always loved Nok to begin with. Khae was probably a nice and sweet girl back then which attracted Nai. Most guys like those type of girls in lakorns. lol I also believe he dated Khae because he thought he didn’t stand a chance with Nok.
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    With Nok's level of possesiveness I feel sorry for her future son and daughter in laws lol. They have a battle ahead of them if they dont meet her standards.
  17. Xiongurl26

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    In the beginning, they mentioned that Tawat & Wi were married for 25 yrs bc Nok talked about her dad suffering for 25 yrs. I assume she’s 24-25. And I’m going to guess Nai is 28-29. Sounds reasonable to be in college at 18 but idk how Thai schools work.
    That’s my feel with her heartbreak. It’s an inferior complex within her I believe. She wanted to win him and started a game she should have not started. Now she’s getting the taste of a lost and and can’t seem to accept it because she’s not use to losing. I mean her parents practically spoiled her. & I’m thinking of a lost to Khae because it seems her Dad and Nai are all about Khae in Nok’s eyes. In reality it’s not, but she will just have to grow up and see that Nai is her man! Hehe.
  18. rae

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    I think Nok graduated with her masters degree in the beginning, because Nai has been working at the company for a couple of years after he graduated college, and I also don't think that there is a huge age gap between them.
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