[Ch3] Duang Jai Tewa Prom Series (Unknown)


Good to be back!
The first comment says that there's news that they will start the series when it reaches the 50th anniversary of the channel.
Wait...WHAT? Where did that person get that info from? Wow, and it's quite recent too, that comment was posted on 8 May 2018 at 12.39p.m. I hope this is true and not a sarcastic remark. But really though, how did that person get such an info from? How to know if this is legit?:confused12:


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@Fikachu dude, just chill. Don't stress too much about it. ;) it will happen when it happens. There is little we can do with casting, much more producing this lakorn. Don't feel bad if it seems like a far shot. Just hope and pray that it gets picked up soon. This isn't our fight. This is ch3's. We're just spectators.


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I mean I remember a few years ago reading somewhere they were wanting to save this one for their 50th anniversary and I wanted to believe it bc they did do the 4HJHKK series as the 40th anniversary. I'd love to have this series going but this will require a lot of time and attention. It's a HUGE cast. I also don't know how I feel anyways bc I want to see it but then again I want original casting and that definitely is not going to work. I'd rather just buy the books and imagine it myself haha.

I think people here do remember SJ series though bc I was re watching Chai Pee the other day and I heard people around me talking about how they liked Chai Pat or Chai Ruj more lol.


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I wouldn't talk about lakorns either because they all SUCK!

I seen maybe 3 lakorn this year?

The only one that really excited me was Mia 2018 because I felt it was a refreshing story and strong OST

lee yubi

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hi everyone i am very very excited for this lakorn, i hope the actors and actress will be great ,some of the actors suggested before i don't like them and not fit for the roles you know what i have always imaged second season where the sisters daughters meet the brothers boys and break their hearts for revenge , i didn't watch the whole series but only few scene , to be honst with you guy ,not only this lakorn also other Korean and Chinese drama after watching them , special if i love the actress even though she is evil ,i asked my self (what if the second female lead child met the the first male & female child and fall in love ,will she accept it after her heart broken because of them ?) maybe for the second guy he will accept but not for second female or the evil bitch .i think maybe she will separate them or take the chance to make seduce their son and then hurt him like they hurt before.
for me if i was good or bad if someone break my heart ,i have nothing to do with them and pretend i don't know them .what about you guys what will you do if you are in the sisters place .will you accept your children love or take the chance for revenge ?


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Yessssssss I want him to pair up with nycha or Lalina again.

So true.... my youtube apps started suggesting videos related to him.
He’s good in there! It’s the only interesting and good lakorn I’ve been watching!


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He's my number 2 after Great lol, dont know who he bump down but after Great and Pon, i don't remember anyone anymore :risas3:
Let’s hope he doesn’t bump past Great or I will be the only one who is Great biased on AF lol well who knows maybe that’s a good think! I can have him all to myself hehe


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I like Pon too. I like him more in SRNC though so if he acts like that in this one I'm in! He was such a cute dork. Well I'll watch him regardless haha but my answer still stands that if they make this I want to at least see Masu, Ball, and Nine.

Side Note: I found a copy of the SJ series and bought all 5 books for $18. I fangirled so hard knowing how good of a deal I just snatched. I'm still on the hunt for this series!!