[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee

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  1. Rosi

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    Ahh this is funny! Or coincidence? In one scene Kade was crying a bit & just as soon amused herself she will be a revolutionary daughter-in-law. She used the term Sapai Jao - royal daughter in law. And isn't Sapai Jao supposed to be Dates's movie?
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  2. pangiaxiong

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    I was actually thinking of a story and am doing a video story instead. Pictures story actually. Ok, so here it goes, it's cheesy so please don't mind me lol. Got this idea because Kade/Date always be looking at the moon...

    Short summary: Nang'ek is a Moon Princess and Pra'ek is a Prince on Earth. Every full moon, the Princess is allowed to come down to Earth (for whatever reason, I'm still thinking of it). She met the Prince by chance and soon romance blooms between the two. Sadly, the Prince's kingdom is at war and he was requested by his father to lead their soldiers to fight against the enemy. He met up with the Princess once more and promised that once he return he'll ask for her hand in marriage. The Prince won the war but on his way back to meet up with the Princess, he was betrayed by his brother, who secretly was jealous of him and his relationship with the Moon Princess. His brother found out he was courting a celestial being and one so beautiful too, so he suggested to their father to send him to war, in hope that he'll be kill. When the Prince didn't die in war but returned alive and healthy, the brother came up with a plan to ambush him.

    On the day they were supposed to meet, the Princes was captured by his brother and killed. Before he die, he begged his brother to let him look at the Moon once more but the brother didn't because in doing so the Princess would see what's happening. As his last dying breathe he made a promise that in the next life he won't let no one to separate him from her and will keep his promise to be with her.

    The Princess, not knowing why the Princes didn't show up, waited for him that night. When he didn't show up, she left heartbroken but return every full moon at their usual spot, in hoping that he'll show up. As times goes by and he didn't show up, she became so heartbroken that she was near death. Upon hearing that the Princess is near death, the Moon King visited her and told her of the truth. The Moon King actually know of the plan to kill the Prince (because he can see from Heaven..Moon King you know lol. He got power to see/know everything, let's just keep it that way hahaha) and didn't stop it because he thought it's better for his daughter. He didn't want his daughter to marry to an Earth Prince and experience human sufferings. When the Princess found out from her father, she was angry and threaten to kill herself, so she can follow him to the netherworld. The Moon King told her that even if she kill herself, they can never be together because the Prince is already reborn into another dimension and fate had already paired him with another woman ( :rolleyes: ). But the Moon King made a deal with her that he can break that fate so she can be with him if only she is no longer a celestial. The Moon King will let her be reborn as a human, but she'll go thru many trials and experience human sufferings. The Princess didn't care about that and agreed to her father rules.

    The Moon King also let her know that she'll meet him when she turn 20 but he won't remember her. She'll be the one to remember their past relationship and it's up to her to convince him to love her again. Regardless if he remember her or not, she can only stay on Earth up to a certain time before he'll call her soul back to Heaven.

    Ok that is it. I know it's soooo overrated and cheesy but I can't think of anything else. I'll be working on the first half of the picture video and upload before this weekend. Sorry for my poor grammars and all (that's why I don't write much but vid instead).

    btw will be using this song for my vid

    Oh my dear Moon...
    I come to say, "I love you, golden moon bride".
    Oh it's getting late now.
    I ask to leave.
    My heart worries...
    I love you, dear Moon.
    I must leave now, my darling flower.
    I love you, my dearest beloved sweetheart.
    Nowhere can I find something comparable to you.
    Oh, my dear Moon...
    Nothing compares to you.
    Oh, my dear Moon
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  3. Katelyn

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    I can't wait for your mv! What a classic song performed beautifully by Got!!
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  4. neenavaj

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    Awww I miss this drama so much! I haven’t had time to write a good review yet..eventually. Lol I miss Pope! He’s so fun to watch off screen and always cracks me up! This dude!
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  5. Calligraphy

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    YAAAAS!! GIRL!! This is my type of storyline right here! I love these tragic Romeo/Juliet type of story. Talking about fan fiction I gotta start my fiction too. Lol.
  6. neenavaj

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    Lmao! Speaking of fanfics, many years ago after GRGR I wrote a fanfic about NY and Pope Lmao! I made Pope the bad cousin though not knowing what a hunk he is now! Lol
  7. KitKat516

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    Whats funny is that when it was airing, there was a scene with James and Mew dancing so we wanted to see them in a lakorn together. Never thought about Pope and Bella.
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  9. Kade is from 329 years in the future.
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  10. I think that's what surprised me too. I didn't pay attention to Pope until now so when I watch BTS clips or IG clips, I am so amused by him. I thought he was a quiet guy (boring guy) but he is really playful.
  11. @KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Just wondering why the other lakorns are pinned at the top of Old Lakron for 2018 and this one is not.
    Not that it makes a difference, we'll find this thread either way but just simply curious. :)
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    @pangiaxiong Sounds so tragic and sad. Good song choice as well. Looking forward to the video!

    I know right! Though I am not too big on Romeo & Juliet, but when done right it can be such a beautiful and tragic love story.

    Talking about Romeo and Juliet and fanfics, my sister had one called ‘In Fair Verona’. She had Eddie Peng, but because of BPS she switched it to Pope lol.

    If anyone does write fanfics, do tag me. I may not be around as much as I like to be, but would love to read anything about Popella as we wait for their reunion.
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  13. I miss this lakorn so much and I am bored. Can we talk about what we like about Pope? I'll start with my lists of his charms, hehehe.

    1 being most attractive to me... here I go:
    1) his voice. OMG... I can listen to him speak all day long not just in lakorns but in interviews too. He is mature and funny. Very entertaining to listen and watch him speak.
    2) his shy smile. I am going to break into two types of smiles. LOL. I love his shy smile. It's so so cute. hahahaha
    3) his full smile. He does have a gorgeous smile. It's bright and I think it's his best feature.
    4) his wit. Yes, I am just realizing that he is good in interviews and quite quick witted. Very charming.
    5) his eyes. He acts with his eyes. They are very expressive.
    6) his mannerisms. He can pull of shy and also stern but always has an air of authority. I like a guy in charge. :p

    I am sure there are more but this 6 will keep me Pope obsessed for a while. :risas3:
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  14. pangiaxiong

    pangiaxiong sarNie Adult

    Thanks girl and yes, his voice is so soothing!

    hehehe, let me know when you start yours or tage me ok. I would love to ready it!!!

    Thanks dear!!
    I agreed. Some Romeo and Juliet can be so dramatic but like you said if done right can be so heart wrenching! What's good about Romeo and Juliet theme is that they both either they get each other or they die trying instead of letting each other go and they marry someone else.
  15. pangiaxiong

    pangiaxiong sarNie Adult

    Hmmm...EVERYTHING lol. But I like that he is not that handsome and masculine but very manly. I like that he got hidden charms, the more you look at him the more his charms just shoot out at you. So be careful of Pope's charms, it can kill you one days.
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  16. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Depends on who moves them and sometimes we forget, lol. I admit sometimes I forget, but I do go back and check every so often.
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  17. Rosi

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    My dear pangiaxiong, thanks for staying and staying and then writing the fanfic too!! Heheee.... this is what I call a labour of love, cheesy or not, Date is cheesy so cheesy is good!! It's not just us you know, if you go back to watching that episode where they had the poetry contest, the subs have now got Kade's poem as she recites - upto few the last time I watched there was no English when it comes to her part (though our gang HDEE has kindly given us the translation). Which probably means BPS is being revisited even by the handlers again and again & they refixed parts which makes us squeal!! How apt you make them moon people - Kade a moon princess - because on poem night Date persistently used the moon to make her stay outside.
  18. phatman

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    Right?! Who would've thought. . . another "coincidence" they both have 3 projects with their "koojin." Haha. I know Bella and James' third one doesn't pair them together, but they're both still technically the pra'nang. Haha.
  19. phatman

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    Yes. Haha. I love the reference of other characters and lakorns in here.

    Oh my god. I'm listening to this song right now. Hahaha. Literally listening as I read your synopsis. Your story is not cheesy at all. Its goood!!! I'll look forward to your mv!!
    I never knew what the song was about!! Didn't even know it was about the moon! Haha. Awe....I love the song even more now. It's totally KaDate's song.

    I know he is sooo silly. The way he raises his pitch too, like wth, where did Meun Suntorndewa go??? Haha.

    Oh dang! Haha. How could you?!

    He is quite the charmer!
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  20. phatman

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    Oh gosh where do I even begin?? I'll have to come back after I've compiled my list. Haha.
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