[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee

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    :crybaby2::crybaby2:Very much!
    Oh no..who is causing trouble. Let's all be nice.

    Pope is funny and so shy lol. I love that Bella like to tease him about that topic hahaha. I miss them so much. Maybe I'll join the prom likit thread for the heck of it.

    She's my number 1 too. You should watch Padiwarada. It's good and I like Bella character in there.
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  2. pangiaxiong

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    Thanks! :love: they're my love!
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  3. They are a perfect match. Pope makes Bell looks so cute... (Bella is pretty but Pope makes her look so so cute....I don't know how to explain it... because not all pretty girls are likable) and Bell makes Pope so charming. They really compliments each other.
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    *cough* *cough*, Sokun, (I think) *cough* *cough* :risas3:

    She's the one that corrected your grammar, my syntax, and called someone here a female dog. lol.
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    Weir-Min kinda fizzled out for me after PA....I haven't yet found a pairing that I like of Weir.....they just don't interest me much...even Praew...they looked alright but when watching the show something was not clicking for me.
    And Sammy is the only girl from ch 7 who's also interesting for me....I first saw her in that drama with New.....I don't even remember the name but she totally stole the scenes from everyone in that show....I watched the whole drama without subs just for her.....never knew I could ever do that. I just wish she would get a male lead who would match her.......that's why I'm hoping she gets to pairup with Weir someday...

    I think some pairings look very unlikely to click at first but when you see them on screen they are just magic....sparks, chemistry or whatever you call it, it all depends on how comfortable the two people...the actor and the actress are with each other.....I have observed that actors who become close as buddies on the set tend to have great chemistry on screen.....a sizzling, burn the screen kind too sometimes and those who actually do like each other romantically in real life.......tend to be a little stiff on the screen...
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  6. I wish I can hit the like button 100 times. They were a match made and definitely good for each other. Again, sorry Weir :naughty2:
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  8. chievi4tennis

    chievi4tennis pope and Bella are cool

    @phatman @pangiaxiong or anyone else. Wanting to write a fanfic on Pope and Bella, any ideas on storyline or characters. Any suggestions?
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  9. Mango12

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    Bella and Pope really shines next together. Before this, they were just like any other actors to me. I like Bella as an actress and Pope was alright too but together as a couple, it's like bam! Where have you guys been all this time? Lol, I'm sure it's also due to the great storyline and amazing cast members too but in the behind the scenes, you can tell they get along great. And Bella looks smitten with Pope's handsomeness like we are too. Same with Pope at her beauty. Lol, too bad she's dating Weir.

    Anyway, I was wondering about that scene where Kade hand was reaching in Por Dates plate of food. Anyone know which episode that is? I swear I watched everything but I must have missed it or it wasn't included?
  10. milquety

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    omg! I just saw on another of our local newspaper that a member of public wrote in mentioning BPS, and said that they hope it could be aired on local TV! And my mum was telling me that she saw that BPS was reported on our local news on TV too (I missed it T_T)!! Can't imagine how popular it has become to have even caught the attention of SG media. It would be super awesome if they could air BPS here in Singapore! :D
  11. CPY

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    I hope they will air these at the special episodes.
  12. Neyiah

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    Hi all, please someone help to link me to the rating of the first ep. of Special edition? I really want to know, now I'm super curious on the rating of those eps. Do CH3 update it? I can't find it anywhere.

    Thanks from a slient reader since the beginning.
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  13. KitKat516

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    Yes but I want another one lol. They didn't touch much in there because she was a princess, I want hugs and kisses!!!!
  14. phatman

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    They should. Haha.
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  15. phatman

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    Yeah I don't understand why Weir and Sammy have not paired up. I don't get it.

    I love his whole smile, but I hink I love that shy smile even more!!

    Haha. I suck and I'm not very creative.

    It wasn't included. That's why I'm wondering if they'll show it during the special. . .

    Hi silent reader!

    I don't think Ch3 released any ratings on that special. I was wondering too, but have seen nothing.
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  16. phatman

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    Omg I'm in love with this cover too. For some reason deep older voices match this song a lot more. Or at least for my taste .Hehe.
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  17. wuzhangs

    wuzhangs "We can build a warm family together, my princess"

    Slight OOT; Anyone who want to start suparburoot juthathep, you guys might want to check out 3zaap khun chais edition -

    Istg you put pope, great and james ji in the same room and it become a mess

    And all 3 are them are bella's praeks :risas3::risas3:

    I was lurking for bps videos on youtube and stumbled upon this
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  18. Rosi

    Rosi Wifey #42

    She came out of nowhere, did the sling shots, hurt people but good thing is I think by now she's zone into twilight zone. Look at Mae Karakade! There's a lesson there about why in this life must be nice.
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    OMG lol, so mush negatives from this person. Why do people have so much energy to go and attach others when they can go and support the people they like? SMH

    Yesss! that was one good cover. I do like the deeper voice for this song. It makes it sadder and the meaning deeper.
    They completed each other on screen and off and no you didn't miss that scene. They didn't put it in the ep and I'm hoping that they'll show in the special eps.
    :thumbup::clap::clap: again, so proud of this lakorn!!! Thanks for sharing great news!

    Right and very random too.

    btw, I saw this vid and I can't stop thinking how funny fate works. I mean Popella were there, next to each other but they each got their own Koojin and no one would've thought one day they would be paired together. No one even dare to see them apart from their own Koojin and think that their chemistry would be explosive or that they would lead the nation on a rollercoaster ride.
    Fate is funny and they are really a "Love Destiny" couple! They're destined really!
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