[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


Samee's wifey #42
Hey guys. . .I'm slowly coming back. Been occupied with lots of family stuff. . . .sigh. So I'm slowly inching my way back into lakorn-world. Hopefully you guys are doing well and didn't miss me too much. Haha.
We've missed you too too much that's why we've given you a holler! Welcome back dear @phatman ! Tell your family to let you go day by day, we need you too hehe


Got Phet?! ❤
@MissPK girl! You're still onto Got! What's his latest movie these days? I've been watching the Jutathep series again and he's quite adorable really as the kindly doctor to James Ji
Oh yes! He is still my hubby! Lol & i don't think he has any lakorn right now coz I'm not seeing him anywhere!

Oh gosh. He was such a dork in KC Puttipat lol so cute though! Now he's a sexy beast. Mmmmmm.


sarNie Coma
Kade was sure looking for trouble when she courted Jumpa's displeasure with that Ayutthaya's non-fashion statement of the ribbonish braids! I was quite scared of this scene because Jumpa's ignorance of freedom of hairstyles made her cruel and mean.