[CH.One31] Barp Ruk (?) : Willy McIntosh/ Kob Kongying/ Sean Jindachot

Discussion in '2018' started by dancy, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. dertaajaf

    dertaajaf sarNie Adult

    She is! I was so impressed with her acting, (although I don't watch this full fledged and just watching bits from ig) she has and retains this childlike innocence on her eyes. Something that I rarely see in nowadays actresses. No wonder she has been praised for her body of work. So glad that I can watch her performance with my own eyes.

    But the progress is so fast! Ki is already spooning with Tawan in bed? :pancarta::naughty2::nut:
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  2. buroguhonyaku

    buroguhonyaku sarNie Egg

    Are certain scenes from this lakorn going viral?
  3. lakornwatcher

    lakornwatcher sarNie Juvenile

    Anybody if this lakorn is getting good ratings?
  4. lani

    lani sarNie Hatchling

    It starts with 1.9 and now about 2.1-2.2
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  5. lakornwatcher

    lakornwatcher sarNie Juvenile

    Thank you.
  6. Koy123

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  7. preetam

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  8. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    She always has nice hair. She look really good for her age.
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  9. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    How old is she now?
    My all time favorite lakorns from her is Dao Prasok with Num, and Luk Maiklaiton with Andrew. These 2 lakorns I've watched them several times.
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  10. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    I think she’s 41 or 42
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  11. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    OooooOOo they remaking this lakorn, love captain's version!! They got sizzling scene too.
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  12. lani

    lani sarNie Hatchling

    She is 4o the same age as Aum P (1978 liner)
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  13. Su Lin

    Su Lin sarNie Egg

    But I don't see the hugging in bed scene.. Did they omitted it out..? If I did overlook, which episode is the hugging scene..?

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