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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [True4U] Emergency Couple (True CJ Creations): Bua Nalinthip / Sean Jindachot

    There should be a ceremony this week for the announcement of the cast.
  2. inbetweener_guy

    [ONE31] Sassy Matchmaker (The One Enterprise / Pordeecom): Sean Jindachot / Charlette Wasita

    Cast is still unknown, but looks like a match-making romcom perhaps with a hint of "Is he gay or not?"
  3. T

    ❤️[ONE31] Si Nae Ha Saree (The One Enterprise): Sean Jindachot / Baifern Pimchanok

    this is one of the 4 series about Fabric. the storyline is connected to one another. Sarp Posa was about Thai, Roy Mai about Laos, Qi Pao about Chinese and this one will be about Indian Fabric. i say Yard has a good chance of being in it since shes Indian. but if pinky was still doing lakorns...
  4. lani

    ❤️[PPTV] Wo Ai Ni Ter Ti Rak: Sean Jindachot/Peak Patarasaya/Gyeon/Tor Saksit

    Wo Ai Ni Ter Ti Rak "หว่ออ้ายหนี่เธอที่รัก" Opening ceremony
  5. D

    [CH.One31] Barp Ruk (?) : Willy McIntosh/ Kob Kongying/ Sean Jindachot

    Channle One31 is remaking this lakorn Cast will be Willy, Kob and Sean. This will be Kob first time playing for CH. One31 They have the fitting so far its Kob and Sean. No photo of Willy yet. Cr to: missbabylily
  6. V

    [ONE31] Baan Soi Dao : Esther Supreeleela/Push Puttichai/Sean Jindachot/Tangmo P

    So I've read it on WikiThai (even though I can't yet read thai but please don't ask me what I was doing there, too long and too complicated to explain) From what I understood, it is a remake of a show that was produced in 1996 and 1984. Does anyone know about the synopsis
  7. krisayaporn

    Drama issue of Ken Phupoom - Esther Supreeleela Vs Sean Jindachot

    Today, it has drama issue when Ken Phupoom posted quote picture that mean to curse someone that “Selfish people often mistake selfishness for strength. It takes no talent, no intelligence, no self-control, and no effort to sacrifice other people for your ego.” and write short caption that...
  8. S

    Pang Ornjira (TV Pool Vol.27 No.1365 July 2016)

    cr magdee
  9. Maricon

    Sean Jindachot and Esther Supreeleela (Honeymoon + Travel Vol. 15 No. 170 July 2016)

    Credits to honeymoontravelamagazine IG
  10. krisayaporn

    [OneHD] Paragit Likhit Ruk (Magic If - Exact Scenario) : Sean Jindachot / Vill Wannarot

    From KCL : Vill Wannarot will be n'ek in new project of Aom Phiyada as Paragit Likhit Huajai, and it has rumor that Sean Jindachote will pair up with her for first time Cr. KCL outside gossip at 4th July 2016
  11. S

    Sean Jindachot, Pang Jintanutda

    cr magazinedee
  12. S

    Various Stars (Praew Vol.37 No.882 May 2016)

    cr SeanFC
  13. lani

    [OneHD] Sot Story (Exact) : Sean Jindachot / Donut Manasnan

    New lakorn of ONEHD "โสด Story " Fitting
  14. lani

    Sean Jindachot (O-live Vol.2 No.39 April 2016)

  15. S

    Various stars (Sudsapda Magazine Vol.33 No.793 February 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  16. S

    Nang Barp (PPBT TV Magazine Vol.9 No.999 February 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  17. S

    Sean Jindachot (Watsons Magazine January 2016)

    cr SeanJinda fc
  18. S

    Sean Jindachot (Around January 2016)

  19. M

    Sean Jindachot (HAMBURGER Vol.1 No.14 January 2016)

    cr: magazinedee
  20. L

    [GMM25] Club Friday The Series 7 : Hayt Gert Jak Kwarm Ruk

    [GMM25] Club Friday the series 7   There will be 7 short series with 7 pra'nang   1. "รักลวง" Num and Amy Amika (currently airing)   2. "รักลองใจ" Ruk Long jai/Love Test Toomtam and Mo   3. "คนขี้เบื่อที่รักเธอ" Sean Jindachot   The rest doesn't know yet . They will reveal them at  press...
  21. S

    Chut Nat Fan (PPBT vol. 9 no. 982 November 2015)

  22. S

    Various Stars (Kazz November 2015)

  23. S

    Various Stars (ELLE MEN THAILAND vol. 3 no. 25 November 2015)

    Elle Men's 2nd Anniversary. OMG Sean is in Top 40  :dance1:  :dance1:  :dance1:    
  24. S

    Sean Jindachot New Updates

    He is a nice guy, good actor. I love how he is responsible and straightforward   At Hamburger 14th Anniversary, Sean won SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER Award. He deserves it :)         cr Jinda world
  25. krisayaporn

    [GMM25] Plerng Kritsana The Project : Peek Thong : Sean Jindachot/ Pangko Jintanudda/ Pang Ornjira

    New project lakorn of GMM 25 that based on Novel of Kritsana Asokesin who is winner of S.E.A. write  and national artist of art created language in 1988   In this project consist of Lai Hong (A Trait of Swan), Peek Thong (A Golden Wings) and Pah Kammathep (Cupid Jungle)    VTR of this series  ...
  26. S

    Esther Supreeleela & Sean Jindachot

    Esther Supreeleela & Sean Jindachot are new Koo Jin now. I find them cute together. They were seen in Leh Ratree. Next will be Ugly Duckling Series.
  27. M

    Esther Supreeleela & Sean Jindachot (OOPS! vol. 11 no. 253 May 2015

    CR: MagazineDee
  28. S

    [ONEHD] Ngao Asoke 2016 (EXACT) Sean Jindachot/ Esther Supreelela

    confirmed by Sean and Esther themselves but they dient say more , we have to wait. I Hope it Could ne romantic comedy:)
  29. Alice

    Sean Jindachot&Esther Supreeleela (PAPPAYONBANTERNG Vol.41 no.1903 April 2015)

    credit magazinedee