Best P'eks in the History of Lakorns


sarNie Oldmaid
Weir in Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah : patriot, loyal, protector, fighter, handsome, loving, polite, classy, not a pervert the list can go on

Es in Bodyguard Sao : funny, appear like a playboy but deep down very humble friendly and loyal to heroine, very easygoing, quick learner to be become a good fighter, protect his heroine and love his whole family even those who are troublemaker, handsome, the list can go on

Aum in Buteun gleep sudtai : love his family, doesn't let hardship to crush him, very humble, polite, love heroine, forgiving, hard worker, handsome, the list can go on


Tui Teerapat - I can't stress enough how this man is so hot at 42 yrs old. He's still pra'ek and still looking mighty fine, and better than some peeps around his age, hehe. I've just come to realize that the dude can act GOOD, it's a shame his career was not focused on acting, so we're only getting to see him more nowadays.


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@phatman: lmao I swear I see you mentioning about tui in like almost every single thread haha our obsession with tui. He hardly in lakorns :'( why depraved us like this.


ChloeRanida579 said:
@phatman: lmao I swear I see you mentioning about tui in like almost every single thread haha our obsession with tui. He hardly in lakorns :'( why depraved us like this.
Because! HAHA. The man is still so gorgeous and such a good actor. I hope he remains gorgeous for years to come. HEHE.


byebye said:
I am not basing mine on acting but cause he's just too cute...Andrew Gregson lol
Haha. You're hilarious. 


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Rewatched Bonded Hearts and gotta re-evaluate...because p'Suer is one helluva catch! Rising from poverty to become a top businessman, always always always gentle to and standing up for nong Mook before and after they got married, smart, generous, not a push-over, great intuition about work, people, love. He's just the dream come true.


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1.Ken -def in all lakorn he had.He's actually awesome.Like @phatman said he has all (body,height and talent).He can play all the character that was given..
Meanie,comedy,sweet,tough police,anything he can did...'s ken's twin.Yeah he has all too.
3.Nadech-in game rai game ruk (Saichon)
4.Jamesma-(Haym) Since ever Kha badin.He never impressed me sooo much till Kha badin.But then,he was actually damn soo good.
5.Phet-BR :heart: :heart:


sarNie Adult
Are we talking actors or characters? Or a free for all? Lol

If characters then Khun Adit in Dome Thong, Saranyu's version only. I just finished rewatching it and he is hilarious even when he's being rude.

I'm starting on Sera Darul and Nakim is pretty dreamy too. Likit plays him.

They sure don't make p'eks like those anymore. Both character wise and actor wise.


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I was wathching 'THAT WOMAN NAME IS BOONRARD' and have to add that Captain Bob, Willy's character, deserves to be listed in here. He crossed all boundaries to be with her despite what the circumstances was. He was patience and kind with love ... even though he stumbled and made a wrong choice with Sueni lol 
Anyway, if you have not watch 'Pooying Khun Nun Chue Boonrard' do give it a try. It'll a feel good lakorn ... has lots of morals behind it. The acting are great as well as the casts! To me, it's another excellent lakorn to watch out for at the award show.


sarNie Adult
I do agree it's a good lakorn. I so cant stand the mom and the oldest brother/wife. 
more drama on next week's episode. it should be ending soon i'm sure...


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
^indeed! And when nong Mook refused his proposal at first, he figured out quickly on his own that it was because she didn't know for sure he loved her romantically. And he hurried and told her right away and repeated it so she wouldn't doubt him. I like a p'ek who doesn't waste time. 


sarNie Adult
Mawin or Win played by Thanwa in Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai. He's kinda stupidly in love with n'ek but let me tell ya he does everything for her. He will get hurt for her, fight with his mom and friends for her, put himself in a bad position for her. He literally does everything for her.