Best P'eks in the History of Lakorns

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  1. Kelly...OM

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    Well as the topic goes, I'll say Willy McIntosh as ChaChun in Manee Yardfa did it for me...don't get me wrong there are a ton of good actors/roles but his character was the most realistic as in he can exist in reality lol he played a broken heart guy who had trust issues with girls yet his pride kept him strong like a man but it also doesn't literally stop him from following his heart if he had too...he wasn't a character that made me think oh yeah that guy exist but in "make belief land" haha some pra-eks come off like that to me! His character was so realistic that when ever I saw Willy other than in Manee Yardfa it was weird haha. YES, I WAS AND STILL FALL HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THAT CHARACTER! well done Willy.
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  2. thatsouthernasianchick

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    Next Bpakmah of "Madame Dun". :D
  3. Peung

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    (must-have qualities: NOT STUPID, does not listen to n'rai(s), not verbally/physically abusive, has his own moral values (not easily swayed by others), respectful, know what he wants and what he's doing, does the right things, does not take eternity to admit/realize his feelings and act on it)
    Teepope from Leh Nangfah: smart, respectful, super hot, sweet, always protecting/caring for n'ek, a gentleman, a true man (although he first agreed to marry that other girl, in the end he manned up and apologize stating that he cannot marry someone he did not love)
    Pete/Poln (Rome) from Ruk Nee Jae Jud Hai: a nature-loving guy, who's just plain funny and down to earth. he's just so entertaining to watch! 
    Chanchon (Willy McIntosh) from Manee Yard Fah: funny, has a very high tolerance for n'ek, he never does anything against n'ek's wish, just a chill guy, always protecting n'ek, will only marry once no matter what! a little prideful at times (cuz he's a soldier after all) but he is a realistic man!
    Chen (Ken) from Oum Ruk: awww... what a sweet guy! it was cute when he was having morning sickness! he just makes a caring husband and a father
    Fai (Nadech) from Duang Jai Akkanee: what a hot tempered guy! but he will go to the end of the world for his beloved! who doesn't love his fiery love?
    Kobori (Bird Thongchai) from Koo Gum: he's a romantic guy. he loves her even though she is soooo prejudice and stubborn! There was one incident of force... but... Kobori is the ultimate Thai p'ek for any generation!
    Chai Klarng (Num Sornram) from Ban Saai Thong: he's the gold standard of a gentleman. I looove the series introduction to his character. he has his own beliefs and stood by them. although... his character got kinda boring at times because he's so not expressive... still a gentleman nonetheless
    Willy (don't remember the character's name) from Ruk Leh Pay-Tu-Bai: probably the only firefighter p'ek you'll see. this was an old lakorn. just a chill guy who agreed to pretend to be n'ek's fake boyfriend so she can get the attention of another guy. I like the friendship between the couple.
    Bee Sawich (don't remember the character's name) from Ploy Lom Phet: he's just a guy who says one thing, but meant something else all the time. a bit verbally abusive to n'ek, but strangely is always there to protect her... and always trying to kiss her whenever he could lol
    Anothai (Tik Jesadaporn) from Luerd Kattiya: there was absolutely nothing wrong about him, except for the fact that they killed him unnecessarily! 

    Athit (Nadech) from Toranee Ni Nee Krai Krong: Pee Athit! A hard-working honest guy! it was kinda dragging and dumb that he just went along with Nong Nee and her silly matchmaking scheme... very unnecessary! but he's still a pretty cool guy. very environmentally friendly and caring to those around him... note: kinda dumb that he took responsibility for that other lady. a DNA test could have simplified everything. what's with Thai lakorns and women setting up bed scenes? it's so stupid... but overall he's a guy I would fall for too!
    Mos (don't remember the character's name) from Poochai Huajai Mai Paa: this was another old lakorn... the p'ek just has the worst kind of luck throughout the whole lakorn. got blamed for a murder, put in jail, misunderstood by his dad, got his girl stolen, when he wanted to start a new life the bad guy constantly ruined him, his best friend committed suicide... well... thank goodness he continued to persevere and never gave up
    Wayut (Captain Phutanate) from Cheewit Puer Kah, Huajai Puer Tur: he really was just a good guy with the wrong kind of jobs (bartender by day, assassin by night)... all he wanted in life was just a quiet life with his girl... but of course that was kinda hard to attain when your girl is the daughter of your next target
    Tawan (Tik Jesadaporn) and Burapa (Suksit Tangthong) from Tawun Thud Burapa: two brothers forced to be on the opposite side of the laws. one a cop, the other a criminal. and of course they fall for the same girl. Tawan is really a good guy who just lost hope in the law while Burapa was the older brother who always believed that the law is still the right thing. they were both pretty complex characters (not the typical lakorn p'eks).
    Tewarach (Captain Puthanate) from Fah Pieng Din: he started out as an asshole, but once he fell in love his mannerism slowly got better. he was not easily manipulated by the people around him, just kinda unreasonably jealous at times. towards the end when he learned of the truth he really humbled himself. he did a good job of redeeming himself.
    Bee Sawich (don't remember the character's name) from Rai Dieng Sah: he was always being picked on by n'ek, but he endured it... always putting up with her childish ways and protecting her 
    Rawich (don't remember the character's name) from Yod Cheewan: I don't remember much about this lakorn except for the fact that I liked p'ek. he was older than n'ek, but was a pretty good guy
    King Rungsimun (Weir & Num Sornram) from Dung Duang Haruethai: who doesn't like this charismatic king in both versions? he's always teasing n'ek... what a charming king!
    All the khun chai from Suparburut Juthathep... well, because they're all gentlemen and stick by their women  :heart:
    Okay... there were more p'eks on the list than I had anticipated... 
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  4. phatman

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    This isn't important or serious, but Tik was actually Burapah. :ghehe: 
  5. Peung

    Peung sarNie Egg

    oops! my bad... it was a long time ago... thanks for the correction!
  6. phatman

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    Hehe. You're welcome.
  7. pink-lily

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    Weir in pin anong. Although there were bits of misunderstanding I still love how he's always protecting her.

    Num- the one where he plays with donut and steals her away from his brother lol totally dislike na ek but love mum's character.

    Hmm mom can't think of anymore atm lol
  8. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    I want to add the men from 'Spinsters VS Casanovas' -- They were so loyal to their women <3
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  9. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    Mario Maurer as Takeshi Onizuka (Soryo); Anata teerak kong chan from Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan. :wub:
    I wish I have him in my life.
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  10. Asy

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    Kamin in La Rak Sud Kop Fah. Awww. :wub:
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  11. phatman

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    I was going to add him too, but you beat me to it! Haha. I second your opinion!!!!
  12. Gloriawongpuapan

    Gloriawongpuapan C’est La Vie

    AGREE WITH KEN IN SAWAN BIANG! I can never get tired of watching this lakorn.
  13. Gloriawongpuapan

    Gloriawongpuapan C’est La Vie

    This too. Mario is such a hottie  :drools: 
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  14. phatman

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    Kamin (Lah Ruk Soot Kob Fah) - It's no surprise he's here. Hehe. Brave, loving, patriotic soldiers have a better chance at making this list. He is exactly what a pra'ek should be. Weir Sukollawat embodied him so well, I have no other words to describe how perfect he is as Kamin. 
    Lipda (Ab Ruk Online) - He's a player, yes, but he's also very smart, easy going, and most importantly he loves unconditionally! Almost too good to be true. What's even better about him is he's played by the ever so hot Peter Corp! 
  15. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Tui Teerapat - The man is 41 and still looking good, looking even better than some young actors in their 30's AND 20's!  
    Weir Sukollawat - I remember hating on him just yesterday (not literally of course), but after seeing a few of his most recent lakorns he's won my admiration completely. Like Ken, he's got the whole package: looks, body, talent and height!
    Ponsithorn (Sai Roong) - I don't know why I didn't add him to my list before. He's a revengeful pra'ek that is most definitely the most calming pra'ek ever. He plans his revenge thoughtfully and doesn't use physical nor mental abuse on his nang'ek. Although, he does do some psychological damage to thee lover. Regardless one of the best vengeful pra'eks.   
  16. bubbles8

    bubbles8 sarNie Adult

    Since we're on topics of best praeks, I'm looking for a praek who is NOT overly nice/sacrifice-die for neks (those that are too good to be true types). I'm just after a tummada and moderate/believably nice enough character, similar to ken's Kru cook in love recipe or Rome's character in kularb rai nam :)
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  17. Mae

    Mae sarNie Adult

    I loved loved Laobuern (Chakrit) from Buang Baja Torn - he is my favorite p'ek of all time! This is the type of husband that I want. He's so loyal and protective of the woman he loves and his sister. He was evening willing to give up his throne to be with the woman that he loves.
    I loved all the Khun Chais (Great, Pope, James Ji, Bomb, and James Ma) from Suparburoot Jutathep Series - they all fought for their woman..and can't forget their bromance.
    I loved Pakorn (Vee) from Liam Ruk - he was so in love with Tawan, but always remained smart throughout the entire show.
    I also thought Takeshi (Mario) from Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan was such a gentleman - I felt bad for him because he was torn between duty and love..but he was such a great man.
    Last one, Kobori (Bie) from Koo Kum 2013 - I've never been so in love with any other Kobori than Bie's charcter of Kobori. He was perfect in every way and exceeded all other Koboris... I'm not even a huge Bie fan, but I loved his Kobori.
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  18. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    Khap - Bang Rajun - The man I want to marry <3
  19. star0027

    star0027 sarNie Egg

    Yes Khap ( Phet Thakrist ) all the way. He is my hero.
    Khap- is willing to sacrifice he life for the woman he love and cherish the most, which is Fueng ( Prang ).
    He protect his love one and his country (Bang Rajun) That's what I call he's my true hero ( p'ek )
    But at the end he didn't success in love, but still sacrifice his life with nothing return. RIP P Khap
  20. elegantnas21

    elegantnas21 sarNie Hatchling

    Yes I agree with Khap (Phet Thakrit). Khap is the guy who loves his wife- Feung alot and sacrificed alot for his country...❤
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