Best P'eks in the History of Lakorns

Rose Tran

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Bie Sukrit- Kobori (Khu Kam 2013): Aww such a sweet man who's willing to do anything for the woman he loves. So sad for his ending :(

Boy Pakorn
- (Dr.Wee) (Porn Prom Onlaweng 2013): This is one of the few Boy's best-scripted lakorn which he got to challenged himself. The heartwarming, quiet, shy, calm Dr. Wee is so different from the hilarious, loud Boy we know in real life. His chemistry with his niece is superb <3 Man, I seriously fell in love with this guy after watching him as Wee.

James Ma
(Dr.Wat) (PCKNMCPW 2016- The title even with initials is long AF lol): He nailed the acting, and my pillows are ripped apart because I just feeling so in loveeeeeee seeing KimJa together


I also like Veekit from Raeng Ngao.[/QUOTV
Veekit is cute from Raeng Ngao (Ken P and Janie's version that is). I think their version is more modern and relatable to many of us younger crowd today! More so than Ken T and Ann T's version I think! :)


sarNie Adult
I like pra'ek that is arrogant, has a sky high self esteem, brave, stone wall confidence, charismatic and the least goes on and on and on but the pra'ek that I adore the most has only this one thing, and that is a verrrryyyy sweeeeetttt smile. He is...

Grate Warintorn as Chon in Kularb Rai Glai Ruk.

How can one not fall (in my case, smile idiotly) when Chon smiles???


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:love:Push in leh nangfah
Boy pakorn in Cupid series
James jirayu- in khun chai puttipat
Pope in samee (he was adorbs)


This thread has been too quiet. Haha.

I wanted to add this pra'ek soooo soooo bad! BUT the later half made him not so best. So. . . I'm just gonna add half of him. Hehe.

Shakrit (Ra Rerng Fai 2017) - He was perhaps my favorite vengeful pra'ek, after Pongsithorn, during the first two thirds of the lakorn. Omg. He was sooo hawt. So crazy. So calm. So mysterious. So cunning. So witty. So manipulative. So sarcastic. So protective. So suave. So seductive! So Everything. Everything about his character and demeanor was swoon-worthy. Someone who's straightforward, says what he wants, does what he wants, gets what he wants, loyal, DOESN'T "wrestle" women. He took on vengeful to a whole better level. Ken played him perfectly with his calm, sexy voice. Yes. The voice gets me all the time. Too bad he became not so best after Ep10 when he fell in love. I didn't like him afterwards. Too mushy and corny. Haha. I liked his rough character. The you-die-or-I die character.

Woah. I said a lot. I'm just disappointed that's all. . .:facepalm:

Edit: Nvm what I said about liking only half of him. I like ALL of him! Despite those flaws, I like him. After finishing RRF I have come to the conclusion that I LOVE him. Haha. And he is definitely one of the best pra'eks out there.
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Omg have I added this one??

Poon (Kor Pen Jaosao Suk Krung Hai Cheun Jai) - Ah Poon has got to be one of the most gentle/humble pra'eks ever along with Mr. Nadda of Kularb Rai Ngarm. Like he's such a gentleman. He knows what he wants and he stays true to that. He's so soft and gentle towards Wiwa even though she's so mean to him. Great totally won me over with his performance in here.
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