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  1. AumAX

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    Well, I know I can't judge her since I don't know her, and I don't have right to judge people's private life.

    But there are obvious things that make me feel like unsatisfied once I think about the actor I love then I just have to ignore:

    - She was married once before. (Well I don't have much problem with that, but if she is younger or the same age as Aum it would be more OK for me I think.)
    - She is 6 years older than Aum. ( Without those hard makeup, she looks so much aged compare to Aum ... oh well, I adore this actor so I wish to see his couple is a good match... sigh...I know she was pretty before but still...)
    - They don't have children. (The problem probably comes mainly from her due to her age now.)
    - Because of her advice he went freelance, the result now we have to see him not only becoming supporting but also a RAI's role on CH3????!!!!! What the...?!
    - The last thing, why she had to voice out once again on Feb 2018 about the 3th person that happened like 4 years ago? Everything was done and everyone had moved on. The past is history already, no need to dig up to make her hubby look bad in the public eyes. She had already accepted and lived happily with that for years now so why should she bother to call it up again? She wanted Aum still feels bad and get pressure on the social media or what? I just don't get it.

    Ok, I don't speak for everybody, just my personal opinion... oh well, because he was the first ever Thai actor I felt crazy in love with via JLR 10 years ago. But then I switched back to Kdrama land for years, I just come back to watch Lakorns from last year, I have watched so many popular lakorns up to date, but I ended up having Aum's fever after marathoned almost all of his dramas.
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    Exactly!!! If you choose to forgive him and stay with him then you need to move on meaning you dont talk about it and dont think about it or else it's just going to make your relationship miserable. people may say it's not easy and she was hurt etcetera but if you cant do that then dont stay together. Dont say you're willing to let go and move on but yet bring it up everytime you're mad or feeling Insecure. Be honest with yourself and him.

    Anyways back to acting. I'm not too disappointed that he's taking supporting or rai because the kind of roles he's accepting are challenging. I like when pra'eks step out of their comfort zone and willing to take on other roles because there's limitations on pra'ek roles. I want my fav nangeks taking rai roles too cud I want to see them grow. They dont always have to be praek or nangeks. I mean just think about it, if Aum just stuck to praek roles then we went ever get to see him in here as Majurad.
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  3. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    I feel this role isn't a supporting role as Majurat because when you think about it, when people think of this lakorn, who do they remember? (From the previous version). They all remember Kelly. It took me a while to even remember Ouan and Thisa was in it lol. I'm not a big Aum fan, but I'm confident he will do better than Kelly in this. Also, I remember Aimee more than I do Ouan and Thisa. So, Aum and Pang got the good roles in this lakorn.
  4. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    That's correct. This lakorn is about Majurat which is Aum. I think I was speaking more of Plerng Naka or other non praek roles he's taking that fans are disappointed that it's not the praek.
  5. AumAX

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    Thank you! what you said truly made sense, I admire him for accepting those challenging roles, a professional actor should be the one who can take different roles, that make the audience not getting bored but surprisingly wowed. With Aum's acting level, I don't worry about that.

    However, if he accepted these challenging roles because of the unique stories like Plerng Naka or Ngao that he was truly interested, so I think his fans would be really OK with the choice, but if the case is from now on he is labeling to either supporting or rai roles in Ch3, then later all the the way to "daddy" role :crybaby2:.... that would be a nightmare for his diehard fans, such a disaster scenery that I can't even ...:sad6:

    So me need him getting back Pra'ek status as soon as possible, he only has 5 years ahead max before going totally supporting I guess...:facepalm:
  6. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    Lol I think it's easier for me because I've watched him since he was supporting. He started out that way. I even watched him when I wasnt too fond of him. He came off as um not that manly until he started to work out and I began to noticed him more and eventually liked his acting. I started to really noticed him in the lakorn with Cherry and became really fond of him. He aged really well and his acting improved so much.
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  7. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Yes it is a downside for other channels to get supporting roles, but if he gets good roles at GMM it would be beneficial since GMM is starting to put their lakorns on netflix, he will have more exposure. Also, GMM series are so much more well written and produced than traditional lakorns sometimes.
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  8. anavang

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    I've always been a hardcore Aum fan and it is sad that he is taking on supporting role and rai role. I've watched him ever since JLR and I still go back and watch them. He's aged so well and he never failed to wow me, but his nang ek seems to always be newbies or they never seem to satisfy me either. I loved him as King Taksin, and I am glad he was chosen for that role. Like you all said, his wife seemed to have a big influence on him and his work and it is sad because he have so much potential. He should have never went freelance and I am so disappointed about it. I hope he'll start taking pra ek role again!
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  9. AumAX

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    I know its not a really big deal for the non-diehard fans like you guys ...lol... anyway I am glad that you like his acting though.
    I also like a lot of Thai actors because of their appealing hot stuffs although their acting ability are not stellar but the eye candys make up for that ...lol..., anyway I don't feel fever or anything.
    Aum wasn't the typical hot boy at his earlier career, I even found him ugly at first on JLR. ...lol... but his acting made me really fall for each role he played, even the bad jerk on his Club Friday.
    So many folks I know watched NDFD because of JT, but they also found Aum was a really good actor, and beside JT they all liked his King Taksin role and said he still is a good looking man.

    I only watch Aum's club friday but I agree that the story is really well produced, and GMM gives me a feeling that their series are more realistic and modern.
    Do you know they put all lakorns on netfix or just the selecting ones? Is there any chance to watch Ngao in netflix?

    So glad to know you are hardcore Aum fan.... hug hug...
    I was about to skip NDFD because he was supporting, but so glad that I didn't. I focused mainly on King Taksin scenes, and seriously once again he didn't disappoint me with his acting. I got goosebumps every time he and Got appeared, although I am not Thai but I still feel like I am so proud of Thai people during that scenes, Aum made me feel like if there is still King Taksin, then there is still hope, nothing to worry.

    I see you as Ateam. :icon12:
    Well I love Aum with any n'ek, yeah I agree that he had paired up with so many newbies with the so-so acting skill, but I am Ok with because I want to see him acting with different actresses.
    4 dramas with Aff are enough for me, I like Aff but she was so conservative that made their love scenes sometime really awkward to watch. Still laugh a lot at the scene Aum woke up after a willing night with Aff, he had his pants under the
    bathrobe on Namtan Mai...lol... not to mention all those emotionless fake kisses... lol... Kim was a newbie but at least she gave him real kisses lip to lip on TH... lol... so I hope she would reunite with Aum someday. :)
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  10. KitKat516

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    For me it's not about being hardcore or not hardcore. I'm a huge huge fan of Great and Weir and wont mind if they play supporting or rai, it just meant they will grow as an actor. That's just how it works. I see them as an actor first vs being pra'eks. Being the pra'ek is not everything nor does it mean you'll get notice more or that you are the man. I've seen many many supporting or rai that are way better actors than the pra'eks but that doesnt mean they should become one. Like Diew, I love him as supporting and dont think he should be pra'ek. Sometime I think we fans put too much emphasis on who should be pra'eks or nang'eks that we void ourself from enjoying the lakorn fully. I see it all the time of the constant complaining of this person and that person should be the lead that they cant even just enjoy the lakorn. It really makes me want to ask why the heck do they keep watching?:rolleyes: it's super annoying. This is just my opinion though. Well anyways carry on.
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  11. AumAX

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    Oh, I totally got your great point dear.
    I hope you don't get offended by my reply cos I only wanted to make thing sound funny though my English is limited so sometime I don't know how to make my point clearer.

    But I think its really normal when diehard fans want to see their fav actors mainly take the lead, because 99% of fans fall for their Pra'ek or N'ek role first, when their drama is popular the leads can get benefit from its spotlight. I barely see any Rai gaining fans, I mean all the actors who does supporting or rai never have the fame compare to the lead ones although they are better in term of acting.

    I know you meant that the good actors should take challenging roles like supporting or rai to improve acting skill. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Like for me, I am totally fine if Aum takes different kind of supporting or rai roles for now but later will back to Pra'ek, and after that he could take Rai again... just work left and right...but if from now on he only takes supporting or Rai ... yeah I will be so annoying for sure... lol... I doubt you would be happy all the way if Great and Weir only play Rai or supporting on the rest of their career now :p

    Hardcore fans love their fav a lot then sometime they just don't want to see their fav losing the spotlight.... For Aum's sake I hope its not the time yet.:(
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  12. KitKat516

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    Lol oh dont worry I'm not offended, I hope you aren't either.

    Actually I really would be ok if Weir or Great plays rai from now on cus it's going to happen. They cant stay a praek forever. I grew up watching Johnny E, Willy, Nok C, and so on played pra'eks and now they're either rai or dads.
  13. AumAX

    AumAX sarNie Hatchling

    Haha I am good...

    Anyway how come you compare the sarNie Egg like me just having Aum's fever for couple months to the one growing up with lakorns like you... lol... You get used watching all the actors from supporting to pra'ek to rai or dads... lol...
    "...True love comes late but still is true love, isn't it...." quoted from RoyMai... lol... I don't want to wake up yet, just let me dream about Aum getting Pra'ek again...lol...
    I would rather see all the new generation actors (JJ, Mario, Mart, Mick...) that I also love to play rai or supporting in exchange to get Aum as Pra'ek back.... =)), haha... JK!

    OK enough ranting...hehe...

    I see a lot of #comingsoon on the posts of Ngao. So I hope it will really come out soon.
  14. rachelb11

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    I mean....not my business. He can do as he pleases. I just see it as strange cause he had seemed to have a good relationship with them. Unless he is trying to do what Ken does with his wife? (he stars in her stuff right? but he isn't freelance?)
  15. rachelb11

    rachelb11 sarNie Egg

    Oooo! that sounds cool. And y'know, reading over this plotline and stuff...I could see that. I have never seen the original, but I could see his role having center stage. And what others said it right, making yourself versatile in acting is a must and a way to showcase your talent as a great actor. I just don't want Ch3 to punish him for leaving and putting him only in Rai or supporting roles.
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  16. KitKat516

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    After the drama of 2 of 3 of their lakorns not airing at true, I dont think she's going to make anymore lakorns.
  17. AumAX

    AumAX sarNie Hatchling

    Oh I was wondering about this series, the rumor was the 1st (Aum &Noon) was flop then they stopped produce the 2nd and 3rd right?
    Aum and Nat must lost a lot of money on this one cos I read the series were produced in high budget right?

    I only watched 2 eps of the 1st, still need time to watch the rest.
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  18. AumAX

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    Off topic here but @SuzieJ @rachelb11 : FYI Reang Tawan ep 7 & 8 will be uploaded by the end of July, the rest will be later. I will post the link on RT topic then.
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  19. SuzieJ

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    Thanks for letting me know! Yay im excited!! Cantwait
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  20. 72701

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    Wait. This is out? Why can't I find it? lol

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