❤ [CH3] Tra Barp See Chompoo (Love Drama Company): Pon Nawasch/Bua Wansiri


sarNie Oldmaid
Hahahaha...like ....the Johnny lakorn

I'm sick of nk being understanding.

I love when bella she said to James

" Being in a love triangle isn't fun. I will not be drag into this. I WILL not be part of this tragic love triangle!"

I want nk to tell him F off. She didn't do anything to anyone. Send him a divorce paper and he can wallow in his self destruction.

But this follows the typical thai lakorn. Nk will be forgiving and understanding...blah...blah
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sarNie OldFart
Hahahah its typical thai lakorn nangek always forgives the praek no matter how horrible he was to her.
Maybe its pete that goes find her, it not exactly going by the summary.
I hope they change that ending cus man my heart was aching for Kiew at the end of today's episode knowing that he is going to break her heart to pieces. I hope they give us more love scenes first.


sarNie Oldmaid
I'm ok with nk forgiving and being understanding


I need pk to suffer and realize it and go gravel. It's not nk fault nor to take his "revenge ".

I wish they update this formula.

Have nk be understanding but not take the Sh*t. Like bella in pradiwarada. Nk was understanding but she did lived her life. ....she attempt. He rebuttal and she was like I will not change how this is because you have an insecurity about it.

Wish nk was like... when you are ready come find me. Either we cont. Or we divorce and live our own lives.


sarNie Egg
My goodness...I feel so bad for Kiew. I so want her to just get up and walk out of the house, relationship, etc. Have Pete realize what he's lost with this stupid revenge course that he's on.

However, did he sleep with Chaiya? Just like his dad slept with another woman and not his mom on their wedding night?


sarNie Hatchling
In the diary entry, Pannee wrote that she wasn't sure if she should write about this or not, or keep it a secret but in the end she decided to write about it. Though it should be a secret that dies with her, but she won't be able to rest in peace if she still kept this secret. The truth that Pete is the son of Chaiwat and isnt Sakdinai's son. It was feelings of a spur moment. She wanted revenge Sakdinai for hurting her, he left her alone in the room in their bridal/newlywed home and went to be with another woman called Boonnisa. She used Sakdinai's friend, Chaiwat because she knew he was in love with her. She asked Chaiwat to come pick her up to take her out, resulting them having a deep relationship. And she became pregnant with Pete, and was certain that Pete isnt Sakdinai's son. She felt guilty and wanted to tell everyone the truth but Chaiwat died by a car accident. Her child needs a father, so she decided that Pete would be her and Sakdinai's son from that day onwards. She won't apologise to Sakdinai because its his fault if he didnt go to the other woman, things wouldnt have never happened. But the only person she must apologise to is Pete, she can't go back and undo change the past that she lied to everyone. And theres one thing thats true, she loves Pete. She loves him the most in her life.

So in his stupid twisted mind, theres only one person that really loves him. His mother. He thinks his father doesnt love him, obviously why he hates his father... he doesnt feel any love and affection and he's yearning for that love and affection. But because his mother said everything happened because Sakdinai left her to be with Boonnisa on their wedding night. And Pete thinks by hurting Kew and repeating their parents mistake is eventually going to hurt Sakdinai. For hurting his mother.
I kinda feel like this is the repeat of the parent's sins and Pete is stupid to replay it again. Mom is (Chaya) in their life who is obsessed with dad, Dad is Pete who is in love with Kiew (Boonisa), Chris is the baby daddy (bff Chaiwat) of mom because he is in love with her and she only got with him because dad pissed her off by leaving.. Confusing but I see it that way. LOL Pete and Kiew are supposed to undo their sins??? hahaha