❤️[Ch7] Suparburut Jorm Jon Part 2: Maturot Lohgan (Pordeecom): Michael Pattaradet/Mookda Narinrak


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What is going on with the show today? Why does the show start so late?


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Awe, P kun and P Kong already slept together, now waiting for Numpueng and Pupa :love::love:willing|babysw
I thought Ey Rong dying to tell Sir Panh the truth about Pupa plan , but he end up wanted killing sir Panh , why? Can someone translate , please?. I am glad that he didn't tell him about it.
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wow there are a lot of adver when this lakorn on air and why there are ch3 actors and actresses adv on ch7. i am wondering why ch7 do not using their own only on the adver. can someone please explain to me. thanks


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I’m so excited, I want more !
But I’m so sick of Krachao slapping Peung whenever she wants. Besides, what does the chief wanting to marry her to an old man have to do with Peung ? I want my revenge ! :mad:
But I must say, I think that Anisa Nugraha’s acting (Krachao) improved here (she was really bad in Nang Rai).
And now, I’ve just recognized Kong. I had noticed him in Paragit Ruk - Niew Hua Jai (as Louis’s brother) and I had already found him super cute !
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In love with Phet & Mookda <3
Were we too spoiled in episode 9 that they decided to cut back some pranang scenes today? D; TSSK. But P'Pha & Nampeung were sweet no matter today :3 Peeping Pha, smh. LOL. P'Pha convincing himself he's not scared of his mia. They were cute towards the end. <3
Geez, Rung made me a lil nervous but knew he was gonna calm down sooner or later. But he really tried to kill Kong! >:/
I'm glad P'Pha told Nampeung about the fake pregnancy plan, right? Maybe we'll get to see P'Pha being even more extra with her now that she's "pregnant", hahaha. Can definitely see Nampeung being annoyed by it.

back to episode 9, hehe. P'Pha just can't get enough of Nampeung. Oiii, just tell him you like him back! No need for excuses at this point. But P'Pha knows from your actions, that you have chosen him. :3 Just be happy and grow old together with lots of kids. Episode 9 is definitely my favorite episode so far.

OH, did the monk pass away or something? Cause there was blood or something on that cloth P'Pha found and Paothep couldn't meet him. ):


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I like this couple too. I hope they can marry. P Kong is a good person and loyal to Pupa while P Khun has been helping Numpueng and she is a reasonable person.
Now, P Kong makea his dream come true ,becoming P Khun' s husband:pancarta::risas3:
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