❤️[CH3] Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai (Who & Who) : Alek Theeradeth/Patricia Good


sarNie OldFart
Slightly better than Chinese trailer. Man, when they give out the 6+minutes it's like you've seen the whole lakorn lol
Hahahaah so true! When i see that its over 60+ episodes, i just go watch the trailer then wait for the last epi and i know im good.


sarNie Adult
The first episode was good. I love Alek and Pat. They have chemistry haha. Their dimples, oh my god. I'm gonna to die because I love dimples haha. I can't wait to watch the second episode.


sarNie OldFart
I think this is made by Love Drama Company not who and who. I don’t think Kai directed this either. That probably means I’m gonna like it cause Love Drama Company has made Raeng Tawan and Trabab See Chompoo and I liked those ones. Haven’t watched the first episode yet. Waiting for subs.