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  1. phatman

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    Haha. I'm glad you put your biasness aside. That's what a lot of fans tend not to do. For me at Ch3 it's Taew first and foremost, Matt second and then Bella when it comes to acting. When it comes to favoritism it's Matt then Bella, no Taew Haha.

    As for Kim. I've already said what I feel about her so. I'll just let it be. Haha.

    Haha. Matt's popularity in here has grown. I came into AF when mostly everyone was a Yaya/Kim fan.
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  2. xodxo

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    Haha. Lol :p I like watching stronger actresses cuz their acting is more entertaining but when it comes to those I religiously follow on social media, ehem they’re different lol :p I naturally like people I’m more easily drawn to, eg Prang, Namtarn, Mew, Mint ~~ softer looking n’eks LOL if that make sense. However, I can easily watch very good acting people and be blown away too. Lol

    Oh~| what did you say about her??? Hahahahaha :p
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  3. phatman

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    You wanna know?? Haha. Sure. I think she's a good actress, but I wouldn't put her up there with Bella. Her acting is unnatural to me especially her body language. . . like Pope. Hahha. If only they can work on their awkwardness. Anne says Kim is her during her younger years. Uh. No Anne. Don't undermind your younger years.
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  4. phatman

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  5. xodxo

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    Hm? I see hahahha :) I probably don’t see the awkwardness you’re saying 555 but for me it’s moreso about her masculinity... if she wasn’t so masculine, maybe she wouldn’t look so odd, but her acting to me is on point! Maybe she’ll need to really act along side older actors, to better match her.

    Bella isn’t necessarily young either but she’s small built, so I have yet to see her with Mario, Nadech, Jma for chemistry testing haha :p
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  6. ella0411

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    Most of the ch3 nang eks are being typecasted to same genres or even similar characters. I only liked Kim in PCKNMCPW, because I don't like her acting childish and bratty. But I'd say shese a good actress.

    Taew was into period dramas so I haven't fully checked her out yet. She caught my attention in GS with JJ. Bella looks mature for my liking (what a reason, right? lol), and her facial expression sometimes distracts me. But I've seen some clips from BPS and I say she's good there. It's on my list. Yaya is a good one, too. It's just that she tends to overdo some scenes. And she uses same styles in portraying similar scenes (when she's angry, etc.). I have watched 1 lakorn of each top ch3 nang eks just to check them all out when I was new to lakorns. So far, I only watched all Mark-Kim's lakorns (never liked one, coz they're all rom-coms and they had similar characters) before all of Matt's.

    Matt needs to be casted into a lakorn with different genres. Aside from FKD, KB nd FLF, she's been casted into Rom-Com, making it look like she's not improving and stuck there. But if you observe closely, even with similar scenes and characters, she still manages to add flavor into her characters. Mannerism, expressions and the way they cry or sometimes the character's pitch (voice). I was a new fan of Kim when I came across Matt's lakorn. If it wasn't for her, I would've stopped watching lakorns, since pcknmcpw was supposed to be my last lakorn to watch. So, I don't think if this is a biased opinion or what. Though she's my bias now. lol
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  7. pangiaxiong

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    For me I like Bella the most for her acting and professionalism. That girl is CRAZY talented and can easily emerge herself into any roles. She's a great actress of her generation and that's bias aside.

    Taew proved to me she can act with her acting in Nakee. Wasn't a fan of her before or her pretty face but that girl crying was heartbreaking like Bella. I was sold on her in Nakee.

    Matt, she good but she's like an ice princess. Sometimes I can't move past her cold looks and her expression bothers me sometimes. But no doubt she's a beauty in her own ways.

    Kim, I don't watch her lakorns at all so I can't comment on her acting but in terms of looks, she is more on the masculine side.

    Yaya....hmmmmm..need major improvement and need to play different roles.

    All of them are pretty but damn...watching Barbie doing the same thing is hella boring. A pretty face sells but when you get older, it's not worth much anymore unless you got talents.
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  8. S.J.M

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    Welll that problem with ch3 they have great actress but they are so obsessed with koojin and they also typecast so they don’t improve and be in loophole and their levels are dropped but these few years show these techniques is failing, people want diversity from actors and new fresh stories and trying new genre and different things and I think finally ch3 got a wake up call that these koo jin and typecast don’t work and i hope these actress better bring something new also step up.
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  9. phatman

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    Her masculinity I can take if she is able to wow me with her acting, but because she can't I can't stand it either. Haha. Once I like someone for their acting they will be beautiful to me no matter what. Kim was beautiful to me in Raeng Pradtana, but after that it was. . .bleh. I mean, for example Matt. Hahaha.
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  10. KitKat516

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    For me, I mean I can love you like theres no tomorrow and your just pretty to me but once your acting bores me because you're not diverse enough or your personality is horrible then my biased goes out the window and you're just uninteresting now. Everyone is replaceable.
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  11. phatman

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    Yup. Exactly.
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  12. xodxo

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    But a true love is NEVER replaceable lmboooooo :risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3::celebrate16: hahaha jkjk


    For me I have to be intrigued by that actor or actress, if I can’t be intrigued by them... I have a very hard time watching them lol :nut::confused0::eek::confused:
  13. KomKom

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    seeing everyone sharing ideas on ch3 actresses, I just want to say what I have observed for a long time too :)
    Even I am Bella fc who has been following her for over 5 years, but all my ideas on them are no bias.
    To me:
    _ Bella: Before her acting came out unnatural and over sometimes, even in her ads, it was not really good. However, she has been improving herself a lot to which her acting come out very natural starting from Padiwaradda, Plerngboon and BPS, she is the actress who say yes to different role and nailes it gradually, I can say she is a warrior who dislike staying in her comfort zone. The viewer can feel her emotion, if she cries or hurt, you feel it from the inside. If she is in love with someone on screen, you feel that her soul also speak it.
    - Taew is also a good actress of ch3, but I can occasionally feel her acting. She is very good in Nakee, but in NDFD, she overacted sometimes, and no chemistry with James at all. I don't dislike her anyways, because I see the angel soul in her. Why do I say so? you can see ch3 actress mostly forming their own group and some are jealous of other's success, I can say having bitchy soul behind their angel faces. But Taew is not that type, she is truly an angel with beauty face and heart.
    - Matt, I never watch her lakorn, so I cant comment. But I love how her fashion stood out in You who came from the star thai version, looking forwards to it.
    -Mew, I tried watching her few times, and drop. I remember Paajaew compared her to Aff, but No, she is not even a bit of Aff. I can watch most of Aff lakorn without that distracted feeling, but for Mew's acting, it is a bit off. Even she took Rai role in Raknakara, her acting is very limited. Anyways, I like her with Nadech.
    - Kimmy: I like her a lot in Rang Pratana, but she alway took the same role again and again which made the viewer boring. She is a good actress but her masculine look makes it difficult for her to generate chemistry with some actors. I have to criticise her a bit in KomFaek, her kissing scene has no emotion at all which is not like her acting at all.
    - Yaya: she needs a big improvement and huge courage to walk out of her comfort zone. I used to like her in GameRai GameRak because I fellI know she maintains her popularity well, but she needs to improve. She can cry and act as in the script, but no emtion and soul have been blended in. it looks like souless or emtionless ppl acting. She has to break the rule of her pairing, not just stikcing with Nadech, mark and other from her group, she has to work with other in ch3 to improve herself.
    - Mint, Toey, preem and other: I have never followed them, so cant comment.
    -Ch3 is very bias in casting, I wonder whether most of their staff or high raking ppl in casting department graduate from Filming or Art college or from Economic college, they oriented for the benefit by casting those with many endorsements than those talent actors. They are so blind to see if a lakorn could hit the high rating or not. I can say even I am not skillful in drama, but I have watched thai lakorn for over ten years, by just watching the trailer, I can see the flaw in it already. They overpromotes the lakorn of their favourites babies and took it seriously to the level they promised that it will be the most worthy lakorns of the year. This channel is so unfair all I can say.
    and maybe now they deserve the karma they did by losing profits. it must be a big lesson for them.

    Thank for reading.
    I just want to say what I wanna say.
    Correct me if I am wrong.
    Just do not insult or blame me if you do not feel the same.
    No bias at all.
  14. SuzieJ

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    I agree with almost everything you stated! But for taew, i think she does have good chemistry with james ji. And i dont think she overacts too much. And yes even though i love mew, so far her acting has been limited. You should definitely try to watch some of matts lakorns. Shes an amazing actress, you wont regret it.
  15. aimeelove

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    You said well. Bella is the most diverse actress in my opinion too. She has taken many challenging roles and has proved she is not scared to move away from her confront zone. I look forward to her in here.
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  16. MomRamy

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    I agree with some of you here regarding some actresses got the same role, and some actresses got to explore many different roles. However, I think most of the actresses or all of them have no right to choose which role they want to play or which pra’ek they want to work with. In my opinion it is mainly depend on producers and ch3 that give them similar roles. I would say Bella and taew are talented and also lucky because they receive many different role so that they can show off their talent more than other actresses, but if the same opportunity was given to other actresses like Kim and Matt, I think they can surely nail it in their own way as well. It is not their fault to play in the same role because at the end of the day they cannot choose which production, storyline or pra’ek they want to play with.
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  17. SuzieJ

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    I totally agree with you! Taew and bella are lucky to be given diverse roles but matt and kimmy are stuck with the roles theyre getting. However i know that if they were both given a chance to play diverse roles, they would do amazing! I wish they could choose their own scripts
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  18. jeanie1

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    There's some unintentional comedy? Or maybe dark comedy? When I was reading it, most of Reynu and Yoi's fights come off as funny for some reason. They're both witty and blunt. And there's something about Reynu being so shameless when people insult her that I find funny too. Maybe cause most of the insults are true but she just doesn't care.

    I'm looking forward to this cause its a such a unique portrayal of a prostitute character for lakorns. Usually the prostitute or slutty characters are completely unredeemable, cares for no one and only uses people. Reynu genuinely cares for a whole lot of people. Or they use it as a plot to punish disobedient daughters and make their life as forced prostitutes a total hell. But this one gives the prostitute a real 2nd chance and legit shot in improving her life. And they do it without going the opposite way and making her some misunderstood fake prostitute with a heart of gold. Reynu does bad things but she is truly trying to be good, it's just a struggle.

    And the best part is the "evil" mother-in-law is given logical reasons to hate Reynu and the stuff she pulls isn't over the top evil. I loved P'Ratklao in Sood Kaen but I never got why she hated Donut so much and kidnapping her kid was crossing the line.
  19. Koy123

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    That sounds better. I don’t really like a sad sappy lakorn. I hope this is as good as you described it.
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  20. S.J.M

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    That why off really loved the novel I remember in the interview he was looking for something new to make but he still hasn’t got anything until this one show he knew it was right one so i hope don’t disappoint us.

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