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    [Ch.One31] Leh Game Rak. : Son Yuke/ Esther Supreeleela/ Boy Chokchai

    They just have the fitting today. This will be Esther and Son first time pairing up. Here the title : เล่ห์เกมรัก Cr to : its owner
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    [CH3] Chor Malila (Who & Who) : Tik J/ Son Yuke So far it seems like Tik J and Son Yuke are confirmed in this. There is no confirmed female lead yet. Here is the synopsis: Plot : (Cr. Kdunagin) Phoomtai who is secretarian in a state agent, need to...

    Bride Magazine: Son Yuke and Vill Wannarot

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    ❤[GMMTV] Love at First Hate (?) : Mook Worranit/ Son Yuke

    GMMTV preview their lakorn for 2018 today: Trailer:
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    Son Yuke +Vill Wannarot- 2017- Kwanruen Magazine-Vol. 49 No. 1087

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    SUDSAPDA 2016 Cuddly Men

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    [ONE HD] We Were Born in the 9th Reign Series : Pong Nawat, Noon Woranuch, Son Yuke, Vill Wannarot

    Hello there I ve seen pictures of pong n noon from instagram but I dont speak thai so I was wondering if It is a New lakorn of them or no ? do you know What It is about ? thank you so much.
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    Son Yuke-cover-October-HAMBURGER-Issue53

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    Son Yuke, Yam Matira (PPBT Vol.42 No.1939 September 2016)

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    Duang Jai Pisut (KSKS vol 37 no 961 October 2016)

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    Vill Returns to Play a Lakorn with Son | Komchadluek News March 12, 2016

    Vill Returns to Play a Lakorn with Son   Komchadluek News | March 12, 2016     Vill reveals that she’s preparing to pair up with Son again in the lakorn Tae Pang Korn after not having collaborated as long as four years. She’s another young nang’ake actress who has always had packed acting...

    SonVill/ Bie/Mike/Arm To Beijing, China 03/31/16 to Participate in Activities ♥

      cr: love_son_and_burapa
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    Various stars (Sudsapda Magazine Vol.33 No.793 February 2016)

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    Pong Nawat & Son Yuke (Priew Vol.35 No.756 December 2015)

    Credit : Magazinenew  
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    [OneHD] Tae Pang Korn (Exact & Scenario) : Son Yuke / Vill Wannarot / Bee Namthip

    แต่ปางก่อน Exact will remake of big project as Tae Pang Korn, it will has surprise about n'ek role in here. Everything will reveal on January in next year. Cr. Komchadluek
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    [CH3] Duang Jai Pisut (Sonix Boom) : Son Yukie/ Yam Matira

    Son Yuke conifrm that he will play lakorn with Ch3 which is produced by Kong Piya. This lakorn he will pair with Yam Matira, after they both was collaborated in Kaen Sanaeha.   Source :  Kom Chad Luek 8/07/15    

    SonVill Memories Garden

    Video   Video Pics cr: Owner  
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    [CH3] Ded Pbeek Nang Fah (Who & Who) : Son Yuke/Patricia Good

    News credit Komchadluek If nongthing changes they will start end of this year From Khun Kai