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When Nat (Son) met the love of his life, Aom (Noon), a TV producer in her mid thirties, he knew he was finally ready to settle down. This woman was everything he ever dreamed of. Beautiful, rich and successful. Little did he know that he'd already impacted another woman's life deeply. Fah (Mo) is a student in her early twenties. Naïve and vulnerable, she'd fallen head over heels for Nat. Like many others before her, Nat had successfully seduced her with his charms. However, this woman was also different from the others; Nat was her first love, and now, she's back in his life. She will do anything to get him back...even if it means stealing another woman's husband.

Notes & Spoilers:

Mo's character isn't rai. There isn't an inherently bad character in here and everyone will have their own happy ending. All actors are significant, but Noon and Mo are the main leads (the story will revolve around them).

A brief description of New's character, Tawan, is that he's Fah's close friend. They've been friends since high school, but Fah never saw him as more than a friend. Tawan always loved Fah, and he especially hated Nat for taking advantage of her. Later, Tawan will enter the entertainment industry as an actor and model with Fah. His main purpose is to protect Fah, who is also interested in acting and modeling. Tawan doesn't support Fah in trying to win Nat back. He doesn't want Fah to stoop so low and ruin someone's marriage, but mainly, he doesn't believe that Nat deserves Fah if she succeeds in getting him back. Eventually, Tawan will get fed up with Fah chasing after Nat, and he will show that frustration in his actions towards her. Like Fah, Tawan's character will also change. They're both very carefree at the beginning, but after Nat dumps Fah and Tawan gets rejected by Fah, both will turn bitter and vengeful. Tawan will turn into a player/bad boy and Fah will become fearless and shameless.


(Mo's point of view)

(Noon's point of view)

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Sounds interesting. I also want to see NewMo pairing too. Hopefully the industry will pair them up.