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  • Yeah, I changed my number pm me yours. You called some snobby white guy that has my old number... I had complaints.
    That other message was so for Tina. But I want your number again I was going to leave the same message but instead of text I meant call cause Tina makes fun of my voice so I text her. If not I always have your addy.
    Lakorn ehh ... Sung Tong of course ... Pim Zaza and Captain lakorn call 'AtitarnRuk .. Weir and Pinky 'Tur Kue Chevit' ... 'Jor Wela Ha Goh' ... a few more but can't figure the name LoL
    nope .. don't miss ya but since ya ask .... i kinda miss ya now :p
    newayz doing good but working over-time. Hate it but love the paycheck LoL
    How bout u
    pshhhhh neva eva eva eva evaaaaa like u too shewty :p :p .... btw, how was ur day and doing anything fun this weekend?
    its ok shorty .... you can be my shorty angel ... cause you know ... never gonna find a nother shorty ... shorty like MAI :p
    lekie lekie are you? O yea, and I finished Likit Kamathep. Pretty good stuff. ^^
    Gone country ? I might not understand what you are trying to say ? Or, you mean these loog thung sharing. Well, I'm a little lost, but I take the fact I'm one of the best. :D Yes, sometimes Cappy can act as if he has a BIG HEAD.
    today is lakorn day so imma sit my lazc self at home n watch lakorns ^_^ ... that's my productivity for the day
    ohh lol haha still nervous? well i got a trick for to not be nervous. just vision everybody in there undewear haha or just stare at the top of there head and not in there eyes!... just go and have fun!get into the music..i want to hear you sing!
    So how was it lekkie? i hope that you had fun unless you were well since your back, come and Dj for us! its hard to find one now and days!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR dear Lekie ^o^, with my bes t wishes and happiness... :):):)
    LoL I was browsing through my profile and came upon ur comment which was like way bacc in the old days asking bout Otto LoL ... hope itz not too late to answer ... Otto is a new singer that came out not long ago. Don't know much bout him but he a good singer $_$
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