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  • Oh yeah, I changed my number like almost a year ago. I got bored with that number. And then I lost my phone and your number and Tina's.
    yeah, it's crazy... I was hoping that hurricane didn't take it. Then I would've had a lot of explaining to do.
    I just missed you.
    I had it since the 2nd week of august but I didn't send it till last week cause like I was like I wonder if she remembers me. So I was like screw it send it anyway.
    Yeah, to NC this time. To the address that you sent to me. I hope it gets there with the hurricane and all. It's that dokey from winnie the poo it's a card with him on it.
    meeh .. im still alive n kickin' .. been workin hard also ... gotta keep up wit the bills ... and the honies LoL j/k
    anyways, good to know that everything is going well for you ... take care and have a good weekend
    buh bai
    Yo 'iono u no more' .. wat's up wit u. Gone MIA for awhile now and thought I holla at u. No I don't miss u .. Just wanna know how u doing and checkin if u still ALIVE n ahem ahem SEXC :p .. anyways hope everything is alright with you .. take care Lek ^_^
    the only lakorn I watch is Tong 9 and Sung Tong but Tong 9 ended already and Sung Tong is dragging .. oh yea ... I also watch those SITCOM comedy
    well nice to hear from you .. take care ...
    im doing good...jux busy working ... but yea ... wat lakorns u been watching ... ?
    well take care ..
    me doin' good .. ain't nuttin happenin much but same ol' same ol' ... oh don't live with ya parents no more? ran away from home or some lucky guy kidnap you :p
    anyways take care
    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the comment on my pic with P'Num and P'Kal. And yes they were on a tour together last month on a few concerts and one of them were at where i live at.
    Aww P'Lek thanks for balancing things out :]. I'm doing great how about you? You found any hot guys like Cee for me yet lol?
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