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  • Rook Kard is the only one I look forward to watching.
    Ching Chang / Narm Tarn mai - so so
    How are the two that you are watching?
    daym gurl ... U movin' a lot ... so wat ... u runnin' away frm ur creditors lol j/k .... mmmm hopefully u wont move near me :p ... well take care ... buh baiii
    Oh, yah.. Lol.. She even message about a hook up.. Scary.. My other friends are gettin that prank too..
    Oh no! Sounds like you're moving far! Where are you going?? Let's hang out! My work schedule is hella hectic and crazy though. I THINK I get weds and fridays off. I'd neverrrr get weekends off apparently. :( I'm out by 7PM on weekends though, I think. But I'll let you know for sure.
    hi dudette ... nuttin much goin' on ... jux plannin' to retire soon LoL ... how bout U ... any new news? Life treatin' ya good ... well great to hear from U ... take care @_@
    lols yea i left because i have a baby now lols.. hehehe yea.. many people at sarnworld were realy surprised like p kkrystal lols hehehehe... i have another one ont he way.. lols my first one is 1 year old already lols
    HEY BOOGER!!! lol how thing over at urside? huh? been like a year since we last talk....Holla Back and u might get a COOKIE!!!
    I'm doing great! I'm finishing up my last year at cvcc and planning to transfer out soon so yea, we should definitely meet up and hang out or something, it'll be cool.
    LOL, I came by and didn't leave a message b/c i didn't know if you were still on here or not. LOL. I've been doing great! How about you? Man, I never see you around hickory..LOL. How have you been?
    LoL NO not searchin' for a wiffy ... i dunt even have money for the dowry LoL ... but yea ... oh U takin a trip ... to where? Dunt worry I wont go n stalk U hehehe ... well have fun n take care if U do take ur trip ... dunt 4get to buy me souvenirs :p
    hahaha yea dorko .... U jux left me hangin ... boohoo ... so how u been ... anything good or same ol same ol ... for me .. still the same but I will be retirin' to Laos soon ... Hopefully this spring or summer ... HOPEFULLY ok LoL .. well TTYL ... take care
    Lek, sorry bout your grandma. I saw on your space. Hope you'll feel better soon k.
    Ty James.
    Hi P'Lek how are you doing? I haven't talked to you since last year!!!! Fill me in on awesome details of your life and as usual take care :).
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