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  • hey there lekie lek! im jusy droppn by to see how you doing and to tell you not to be nervous but to have fun while singing!
    jat jaa daa daa jat jat jaa daa daa hoow!
    Soz, I just have the mp3 track. The only karaoke VCD from Marsha I have is from her latest release.
    International perv ? That's such a nice name. It's winter break, celebrations period. Don't worry. i asked sarn if she could disable the thing... 1st person to have their sig playing music!! how awesome is that! lol
    hahha ur soo silly, girl it's far from a doggy treat. good lord, it's dark venezualan cacao. the choco comment is just means that ur being too nice passing out these compliments again, such a lekster thing to do... haha..
    ^_^ ...eciov teews & rednet ru ssim od i hcum woh yas ot detnaw tsuj i ,:) swen on emit gnol,eikeL OolleH
    omg wow thats alot of people..yea dollar tree and walmart sounds just right for that many people lol...hope u have fun shopping for i said you should try what i do and give out giftcards/money instead xP and yea my nephew is doing good so far..except for the part that he's getting way to whitey lol..guess thats to be expected to live in a white neighborhood..hahaha
    Hey There!!!
    How are you doing??? Haven't been on Sarn for a long time. Just dropping in to say Hi... by the way, when I was in NC, the weather was beautiful, but I was sick most of the time.... sucks but it was fun!!!
    talk to you later.
    lol lets not talk about christmas shopping..>.< i got to many female siblings/neices that i dont know what to buy for and u know whats the easiest way that i found out? imma get eveyrone a gift card/money hahaha so no driving around in the snow for me till spring/summer time again..and yea im all good over here besides all the work hours and stuff samo thats just help proves it, that you act more kiddish than me ^^ lol only kids points fingers <3 and are you sure people thought that u look 50ish? wow that just sucks its ok u'll always be alil kid to me ^^ so how you been missy?
    hahahaha whose checking who out? im just curious about ur new pic lol u look so kiddish and didnt recognized u xP
    Hi Lekie ^_^, long time no news :( i hope u r doing fine :) and everything's alright ? take care ;)
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