Yai Bai Bah


sarNie Juvenile
I've only seen part one (really behind on ALL of my lakorns...Been really busy), but I like it a lot...Mo is doing a really good job!


sarNie Elites
i only saw a couple episodes of it and the ending - couldn't really stand it.

anyways, i have a question about mo - is she not from bangkok? i mean is she from a different provence or something? cause i noticed when she speaks she kinda has an accent. some of her pronouciation is a little off. it's just something i noticed...


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The ending was all sorts of lame. Too preachy I think, although I believe they were going for ironic but didn't pull it off. All in all not bad. Oil and Mo surprisingly had good chemistry which made the lakorn worthwhile.


Sexy Back
when did they start to like each other and wat part did he found out that she wasn't crazy anymore


sarNie Elites
i felt like this was all rushed. i dont know if i saw the slap & kiss b/w oil adn mo it was in the song credit. i must've missed it. anywho it's done.


sarNie Adult
I liked the chemistry between the two but had to stop watching because there are too many lakorns out to choose from right now...also, it was starting to drag for me...HOpe they have another "fun" lakorn together...Dramas give me a headache after a while...So, is Sabai related to the family at all?


sarNie Adult
gs I'm not sure which part Oil started to like her. I think Sabai liked Gawin from the beginning when she was still crazy though. Gawin always suspected that Sabai was faking, right after the drowning episode but he didn't know for sure until the doctor told him which was in episode 25.

The slap and kiss scene was in episode 18 or 19. Not too sure.

Sabai was the old man's daughter. If you remember the box that was in the safe that he said contained the most valuable thing in the first episode or so, its a letter to Sabai telling her that he's her dad.


sarNie Oldmaid
i'm watching this lakorn right now..

so far so good.. mo is funny.. i like her character in this one.. hehehe.

and yes i like the chemisty between the two.. :)

i wouldn't mind seeing another lakorn by them 2.. :)


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this was such a kute lakorn..
mo was great playing this role..
so believable.. beautiful as well..
n of course oil was so good looking ^_^..


sarNie Oldmaid
I’ve been bored at home cause of this winter storm. Anyways, I’m rewatching this because it was one of my favorite Oil lakorns. Tangmo was super cute in here and her face looked cute still. I really wouldn’t mind this lakorn being remade lol. Not sure who I could see play in it but definitely wouldn’t mind seeing this again, with some tweaks and fixes of course lol.

Tangmo and Oil had great chemistry: I think the nek and pek were cute together and had nice interactions. I mean she was crazy but they had some really cute scenes. I also liked how she was always bothering the nang rai and never really got in trouble cause she’s considered mentally ill. Kinda satisfying to watch lol.

There were A LOT of characters in here though since the family was so big. They did give those people a lot of screen time. If they were to make a new one, they should cut some of their time lol. I don’t even think this production “Red Drama” even exist now or unless they changed their name, I wouldn’t know.

Last but no least. I really love the OST of this Lakorn. The one of the girl singing. It’s like a mellow and chill song.