Who's your favorite couple for 2013?


sarNie Adult
Jame Ma and Mint chalida , But I love MTEAM forever and MTeam is my favorite couple forever for me


sarNie Hatchling
I'm going to vote for the senior actor versus a newbie. We need to give attention and recognition to ones that done a great job in the past and present otherwise all the talented celeb will slowly disappear. May not be the best/sweetest on screen couple but in term of film, scene, and acting experience - I will have to go with Tui Teerapat and Kwan in FJS. 1 - not feeling there is an age gap. 2 - take 3 years to film with many obstacles. 3 - religion issue after it was aired but the channel fight for the audience and their hard work. All these are succeeded. Therefore, the two deserve award in 2013 and should be recognized. Not to mention how finnnneeee Tui is for his age.


sarNie Juvenile
DaisyDukes* said:
who is this couple ja? The actors? and what lakorn ja? lol  :)
It's from the lakorn Dao Kieng Deun, Janie and Aum, the lakorn that just recently ended. Prang Kannarun played as Aum's sister, Ying Nim and Karoon Sosothikul played as this playboy guy that liked Janie in the first place, played as Pong.