Who's your favorite couple for 2013?


My current obsession couple of 2013 is Toomtam+Vill too. Oh My, a fantasy couple made from heaven! :) :yummy:  Toomtam, I'm so in love with you! :kiss2:  :kiss2:
I can't find any other real hot picture at the moment.  For now, this will do. :drools:  :drools:  :drools:  :heart:  :yes:  :yes:  :yummy:


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AnnTfan said:
Toomtam and Vill. Omg! This couple is just.... amazing!
And for sure Tik and Ann ^_^
:spin: :yes: about Toomtam and Vill. I'm looking forward to Tik and Ann, too! :D


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
queenyeon said:
yep, definitely Toomtam & Vill! 
:shock2: :faint: :clap2:
I have to think about the other couples for this year and analyze if I love them as much as I love Toomtam and Vill. :scratchhead2: I love your new icon/display picture and signature, Queenyeon! Looking beautiful like the others before it! Great job once again! :thumbsup:


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2013  = James Ma & Mint Chalida
             Ronnapee & Piengkwan
             for moi!


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There were a few for me this year, but I think this is my favorite of the entire year so far lol Mai Warit & Prim Prima. 
I know this is corny looking, but I does not have a creative mind :( some of my favorite scenes from Episode 26 Lol.