What has Sarnworld.com done to you?


sarNie Adult
Well for me, it seriously makes me come here all the time and I got assignments and homework to do! :(


Staff member
Meet Some Awesome People and Take up alot of time lolsss addiction and ummm help push along some feelings that were surfacing for someone! and reagan ur a dork *kicks*
i meet some awesome people in here. everyone in here are soo cool. haha. yeah this is like my second site that i always go to now. haha. yess im know im a loser. i can't help it gosh. >.< haha.

i also come on here to dl lakorns & songs too. hehe.


Sticky Rice
OMG like....okay I got to meet sooo much awesome, pretty/handsome, nice, funny, cool...(and the list goes on) people here on Sarnworld and I always come here everytime i come on the net now either it's to chat...post or dounlaod music...I love sarnworld...it's my virtual home =]
thanks of sarnworld i meet a lot of asian ppl who is really nice and from everywhere....we can talk and share our opinion...discover some new movie in our language......sranworld is really great....ppl are nice, beautifull/handsome...and really kind......i really like this site especially when i get some free time or bored because sometimes i can chat or D/l movie to watch when i'm at work...nice site .... :wub:


Let's just say i fell inlove on this site.... i met alot of people that now means so much to me, i mean everything is so real but then it's not...weird to say, i'm not sure if any's understanding me but yeah......i just want to thanks everyone for everything that they have done....everyone's doing their part and i really really appreciate that :D


sarNie Elites
1.made my parents yell at me...... <_< too much SW hehe..

2. Made me find awesome people and i feel like they are my family...sarnie people i met have become lifelong friends

3. I got a lot of help and advices I needed in real life

4.free lakorn and thai music!!!!!!! >_<

5.i got a lot of smarter when it comes to computers

6. You guys made me get the best grades in English! , thank you! ^^

7. Made me feel comfortable and more social ^_^

Thank you SW for all that u have given me <333


sarNie Hatchling
Sarnworld has:

Me dumber cause I never do my school's assignments
Made me smarter in graphics...
Lovin family
Encourage me to gain weight! (haha 101pds)
Got a sweet tooth from eating candy!



well sarnworld has put alot of community together meaning gather music, video, software and of course coolest people around, and I thank sarnworld for putting it all making the forum active "2 thumbs up Sarn"


sarNie Oldmaid
me.. i come in here every single day..:) to see what's new.. sarn does kinda take my time from doing homework & chores.. but it's worth it.. lol..

I've met some very talanted kewl people in here who given me advice..I've learn how to make graphics.. find music/lakorns.. before it hits the store near my house... & most of all, i enjoy all the gossip news on celebrities.. :) tHanks a lot.. SArnWorlD...


Sarnworld is the place where i met a bunch of nice ppl, get great songs and lakorns and news gossip. I can't live without Sarnworld.


sarNie Juvenile
Sarnworld is a place where the fun begins, it's a place where i love to go to ,it's just an awesome forum to be at!!!


sarNie Adult

- i got to know more about computer stuff..hehe..mostly thanks to darvil..
- i got to watch lakorns and get good music
- made alot of new friends..hehe..not cool..but they nice ppl.. :p ..jk..


- got me addicted to the internet, especially this site
- and..uh..hmm..not that many cons huh?..i thought that there would be more cons than pros..hmm..odd..

anyways..love everyone!!!


SarNworld Wonderer

meet nice ppl
free entertainment stuff


use up a lot of time that could have been more productive


sarNie Hatchling
Sarnworld has made my life easier with lakorns. i don't have to wait sooooo long for the video formatted ones where i rent them and i can get songs quickly and easily. i got the chance to meet a lot of people who are nice, fun, and giving. LOVE SARNWORLD!!!!!!!!

Muddie Murda

-Cool peopleeeeeeeeeeee
-The help I got and gave
-Free musiccccc and lakorns
-me...hahaa jk jk

-Marduk ahaah jk ^_________^


sarNie Fansubber
Sarnworld? hummm

Sarnworld is my first forum when i first came here in 2003
A lot of good feelings are shared here between people
R scenes of Sarn attract many people hahaha
Never felt bored or alone here
We can find here people from many cultures
Omg and i became a lakorn addict cos of sarnworld lol
Real good music and lakorns here
Love the new style of the forum, this blue is cool (hehe me replying to the other feedback question about the background lol)
Djs here really rock hehe


sarNie Hatchling
it had totally consumed most of my time because i found my good old friends that i used to chat with alot last year...like jen, john, and sammy....but it's not like i've ever lost contact with her to begin with..hehe! and i also met some pretty new cool ppl too! :yahoo: