What has Sarnworld.com done to you?



Keep me update with Thai actor/actress life /lakorns.
Get to preview lakorn before i decide to buy the nice picture quality.
Meeting new friends who share same interest.
hard to find girls my age who watch lakorn.
easy place to find lakorn that u want and miss seeing ages ago.Cause Sarn,got a lakorn store w/lots of
old lakorn.
Give me something to do late night ,when i have nothing to do like right now im replying to a post.hahahhhhhahaaha


sarNie Adult
i joined sw 2006 first person i talk to was p tina aka khoun nu wan jai i think i spelled her user name wrong but ooh well she was awsome and she still is lol and plus the lakorns dat sarn has in her store espicially the boran lakorns i found them and i bought it from her sarn is also kool =p but she can be annoying sometimes haha j/k sarn but this fourm is great and i like it


i think it's asianized me... j/k. hm... i don't really watch american tv shows anymore or even at all. i watch mostly lakorns & listen to thai music. and i've never really been attracted to asian people(i know that sounds screwed up), b/c i grew up among lots of caucasian, & i was the only asian one (i know that still sounds screwed up :ph34r:), & i'm really attracted to asians now. :wub: also, i feel i'm less serious/analytical in person, b/c a lot on here seem so easy-going & are friendly. it's rubbing off i suppose. ;)

my only saving grace is that i watch "naruto" which is the only non-thai thing i watch. :ph34r: