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  • P'Mae! We downed FHS last night. OMG it was such an intense game. YAY now we are top dogs in the EAL. Whohooooo!
    I get a whole week off for Thanksgiving but i work on Monday and Tuesday. I think we are just going to do what we do every year and then go shopping the next day. You going to come up here? If so let me know k. Talk to you later.
    P'Mae I feel a lot better now ka. I still have a runny nose though which sucks. Howver, we won our homecoming game. 31-0! Awesome and also the seniors won the powderpuff game as well. Such a busy week, didn't get enough sleep but it was well worth it. I love you a lot too.
    Hey i'm going to the waterfall today! if i can make it there without dying in the heat first haha. I found out that we have to hike uphill ahhhh but I'm ready! K i need to go now. I'll call you tonight with pics to show how it goes k. Love u too P'Mae.
    School is tiring especially these weeks because of preparations for rallies and also my FBLA club work. But its such an awesome year so far. A really good start. I miss you too call me k.
    P'Mae!!! i'm doing good ka. Just working, shopping, singing, reading and I go back to school on Monday. Senior year! I cannot wait.
    P'Mae kon suay! I miss you two, so you are coming up here in two weeks. You better hurry up lol. I am ready to show you the waterfall. Much love to my awesome p'sao, ok i need to go shower haha.
    I am doing good and I love my new job, it is sooo fun and ocassionally hot students will come in and ahhh they are gorgeous lol. I miss you too and yes I do need to show u the waterfall, I have not been there myself yet though but my mom has a map and I am excited to see it except I need to find some time to because next week i work 8 hour shifts, open and close by myself. kinda scary but i'm
    The AP test went by great. I am confident about it. Thanks for stopping by and asking me how I am. How about u? are u coming up anytime soon?
    Thanks for dropping by. The SAT went well. It was not all that bad. After that I went out to eat and celebrate for Cinco de Mayo and I just got back home now. How are you?
    Well love is in the air and it's floating everywhere haha. My plans for summer is to find a job and gain some moola. And Burney Falls is a must every year anyways so if you do come visit then yea we should go there. I love the chilling sensation of the water.
    haha it says I am 98 years old because I set it that way. It was great talking to u last night too.
    OMG she told you about our bet. haha. I know its ridiculous isn't it? But I will win and she will have to pay up lol. Anyways, you should call me tonight so we can talk.Today is so awesome I got home from school at 9:45 am. Awesome eh? Yeah all I had to do was take a history test and then they let us go home. Sooooo nice. Anyways, u better call me tonight, I have so much to tell you about my l
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