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`my dragon's blood is blue`
Yeah he said himself that 2016 was the hardest year of his life before and that he was depressed back then. He had just debuted back then. Sucks that Ikon just got their big break and now he’s gone. Enlistment would be a good idea. It’s what all South Korean male celebs go to once they’ve had a big scandal to escape for a while lol

He's young and didn't do harm to others. It's definitely a perfect time to enlist quietly. I hope he can get some sort of help because this is traumatizing. Suddenly one day, you lose your stardom.
Bobby could easily be a soloist as a rapper. If he leaves the company there's plenty of places that would take him in. Idk about the others though. Junhoe already caused a few controversies recently. YG is gonna throw them back in the dungeon till their contracts expire.