The story behind ur member name


sarNie Oldmaid
pink because i do love the color...i seriously don't own anything that is pink though, and I look horrible in pink, but I still think its a sweet and girlie color, plus romantic and i am or want to be romantic lol. I am a girlie gal and i'm a a lakorn I would surely be nang'ek, no doubt. I'm too boring to be nang'rai. Boring in enough for your mothers and father to approve of me. I would probably be one of those nang'eks, the pra'ek's mother want to hook him up with but he hates. She'll probably devise a plan and get us to marry each other. I'm dumb enough and believe in love enough to marry a handsome guy like pra'ek and let him put me through hell to finally receive a short lived happy ending. LoL back to my name, kashie, because that's partially the nick-name my cute coach gave

I was only 14 or 15 when i joined this forum, now i'm 20...I do wish for a more simpler name is just kinda dramatic now that I think about it...LoL

hmMm long story my friends and some family always Law Lien(make fun of me) for being spoiled or ben khoon nou gurn pai =x but then at the same time they think I'm a sweet heart so they started calling me wan jai tina but some still called me yay khoon nou so I mixed it up and got khoonxnouxwanxjai

OMFG! as many postes as i've seen of yours, i have never stopped to really read your username like SERIOUSLY, the fonts are hard to read and the X's confused me ur name now...i think "Khoon Nu" is soo cute..i want to be called a "Khun Nu Kashie"...let's established that...i request to be referred to as Khun Nu Kashie from this day FORTH!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
one of my names i have 3 names in reality and they all start with a s: one is given by my dad, the other by my mom, the other by my mother's best friend who was mixed indian.


Story Behind my name :scratchhead2:... well i joined when i was 15 and i choose butterfly because i went though a phrase with butterflies LOL... Pretty boring story but true :p and the 123 thing was i actually don't know lol :p

I'm 18 now and like pink_juliet_kashie i wish i could change my name to the same name i use on other forums LOL


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my username lakornsrok is named that because I love lakorns and i think that they ROCK so yepp! :wub: :baby-scene-pop-corn: :slapandkissse3: :slapandkissse3: :slapandkissse3: :w-scene-pop-corn: :r-scene-pop-corn:


Wow, wonderful stories, well I guess mine is easy to tell. first of all, I got the Bie because he's my favorite actor and singer, got the mark cause i love mark, he's my second favorite actor, then the luvr i got from a story that my i was writing with my neighbor starring Win and pancake cause she fell in love with them from Leum Petch Karat. Apparently Luv43vr was the liscense plate number of Win's car in her story that i made up and it was just so cute. so i decided to use the luvr from there. therefore got Biemarkluvr.


sarNie Adult
I'm bad with numbers and my username is my college ID number. One of the few sequences of numbers that I remember hahaha


❤ BTS ❤
I'm simply Ann T 's fan . Didnt wanna write out thongprasom.


C’est La Vie
I'm madly in love with Ken... So, I changed my last name to his last name for fun. As time went on, the name grew on me and I eventually started using it for all of my social network.


Simply smile
Noir Eve was going to be my name (my dad's idea, my mom nixed it and now I am simply Lin), so I just put them here in a combo version of it. The 89 is simply because I like the two numbers and I usually forget to put a dash, lol! It sort of works out since my bf was also born in that year.