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Language can be so confusing sometimes, it is difficult to say it should be used for better communication. HOWEVER, if the goal is to communicate effectively, there is no way to communicate without using language. The barriers lie within the language itself, those phrases that people do not learn taking a language class, those words that have dual meaning (like "bad" has had about 10 different meaning just in my lifetime), and the barriers of those who don't speak well enough to understand. I think the key is to know where the person you are speaking with is at. I have several ESL students in my classes at school. Thy all speak English, but at varying degrees. When I talk to everyone in the class, I use the same wording and phrasing. SOmetimes the student who do not understand will ask me what I meant, and other times they just agree and I assume they understand. Then, I get REALLy frustrated when they come and ask the same thing of me or go and ask someone else. I forget to ask them if they understood and talk at a level that they would understand. But our language is vital in communication. It is how what we are trying to say can be expressed.

I think it would be difficult to truly understand a language without knowing its language. But that does not mean just taking a class in school. The person needs to fully immerse themselves in the culture, find out why there are or are not words that mean the same thing in English. and learn some of their idiosincricies. I learned spanish for my mission. I learned "book" spanish before I went and lived in El Paso, TX. When I got there, things were totally different. THey used phrases like nieve for ice cream (when it really means snow, but who has snow in El Paso?), carro for car and many other "spanglish" words. I felt like i better understood them living among them then trying to just study the language on my own or in a classroom setting. Now, my sister went to Argentina and my brother went to Mexico, and we all have different ways of saying the exact same thing. So learning the language does not help unless there is some immersion involved.

I do think everyone should try to learn another language in their lifetime. It helps you to become more sympathetic to those trying to learn out language. When people know another language, they try harder to help others to understand (well, I have heard this, I do not, I am just the bad one in the bunch). My sister who speaks Spanish also knows American Sign Language, Russian, and a little Japanese. She has lived among the deaf and has lived in Japan. SHe says learning the language has helped her in this country when talking with others, she is better able to relate to them!

As far as readers in Among Us that support my ideas are the letters between Zhong and Rui. It appears as the one is starting in the US, she is overwhelmed and wants to go home. I can imagine it is like that for anyone who studies a different language and then tries to live in the place where they speak it fluently. She states her frustration with the language, and I assume it was because she did not learn every phrase we use here and she might have been confused. I also like the story about the the American and Finnish dialog. Each was trying to communicate, but without fully understanding the others culture, it was near impossible.

Above all, Communication can be effective regardless if both parties are patient and willing to repeat what they have heard!

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In obstetrics, Leopold's Maneuvers are a common and systematic way to determine the position of a fetus inside the woman's uterus; they are named after the gynecologist Christian Gerhard Leopold.
The maneuvers consist of four distinct actions, each helping to determine the position of the fetus. The maneuvers are important because they help determine the position and presentation of the fetus, which in conjunction with correct assessment of the shape of the maternal pelvis can indicate whether the delivery is going to be complicated, or whether a Cesarean section is necessary. The examiner's skill and practice in performing the maneuvers are the primary factor in whether the fetal lie is correctly ascertained, and so the maneuvers are not truly diagnostic. Actual position can only be determined by ultrasound performed by a competent technician or professional.

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"Ahem, I hope I'm not interrupting something." Win said walking in on the two. He quickly gestured and walked towards the pair and took a seat between Ji Yun and Dream.
"Hey, Witarwirn, what are you doing here buddy?"
"Nothing, I came by to see my soon to be fiance. Is that wrong?" Win said grabbing Dream's hand. She quickly pulled her hands from Win's grasp, but her efforts failed as Win took possession of them once again.

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