tata young has a sister!!!


i just find it :rolleyes: that they held a press conference about it... why couldnt they just do it behind the press? i mean the mother didnt mention anything at all about she going to the father to ask for help and he refuse.. so what she said about not wanting to hurt tata's rep or trying to boost her daughter seem so :rolleyes: then she talks about the dna testing.. how she's ready to take it but since in the past he never acknowledge so why take that step.. that's like such a big "ding ding".. reminds me of dek's case.. where he took the dna but the girl refuse to let the baby take it, claiming it will hurt the baby..

but whether she is really tata's sister or not, it was pretty :rolleyes: for her to hold a press conference.. before she was a no name.. now she's pretty darn popular..

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LOLOL...Natty, I'm getting dizzy from you "rolling your eyes" :p

I'm going to ask my dad if he "accidently" left any seeds in Thailand...maybe I, too might be related to some celebs there :lol:


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that "older" sister someone mentioned is actually tatas "pee lieng" or nanny who she likes to refer to as her older sister.

no one is too old for a father and no one should be begrudged the chance to be acknowledged by their father its human nature..but if shes not tatas sister shes going to be in for a big fall.


they look alike....so...just by looking at traits, they COULD be sisters. she's kewt and has most of the caucasian side.


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here tata lil sis pixs she just look like tata...but i think that sai is pretty then tata..

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yea she is pretty i saw her on this one show they interview her tata just to sluty looking sorry thats what i think