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  • Hey, can you send me the link to Peung's Facebook that you said you saw pictures of her with short hair?
    THANK YOU DEAR! I MISS YOU AS WELL .. I'm not that into him too but when i watch small news of his concert, it drew me back to him, i guess, he can't let go of him yet LOl .. I hope you have a blast traveling -- still in france or us or oversea in thailand?
    hola chica, haven't talk to you in months. How are you doing these past few months? Still love JEONG JIHOON lol .. me love and hate him at the same time ^^ MISS YOU MUCH!!!
    coucou Kristie ! merci pour ton message et ton passage sur le Tchat, désolée gt away !! wow la classe, chez la Thai airways? cool, t'as des vols gratis aussi? lol...On prendra des pics ce soir et on te tient au courant pour leur schedule oki? chui sure ils vont passer aux champs, obligé lol...Bisous et courage à ton stage na ja !!!
    'sai karn bin Thai, ruk
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