Supporting Couples


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Rak Patiharn - Mint and Alex, although I like Mart and Kim, Chalex stood out and I loved all of their scenes, even when they argued.
Tawee Pope - Grace and Nat, Pan and Aom's love was good, but I didn't see much chemistry, but I did with Grace and Nat. Also, they were really cute and adorable together.
Tawan Dued - Mint and Pope totally stole the spotlight from Mark and Yaya, even though I love them, Mint and Pope just did it for me.
Sao Chai Hi-tech 2010 - Amy and Pepper, they had great chemistry. I loved both of their characters individually, when they started to fall for one another and got together, I just screamed and smiled. :)
Liam Ruk - Kwan and Tle, although they may not be as interesting as Kwan and Vee to some, they were to me. I loved their cute, sweet, innocent friendship which turned into love.
Bundai Dok Ruk - Sammie and Aom, they were so cute in here, although they didn't have much scenes as much as Aom had with Min. I smiled every time Tien tried to make a move on Meekrob and when Meekrob smart mouth Tien.
Dok Ruk Rim Tang - Toey and Oh, they were really cute. I loved the way Ton (Oh) teased Patcha (Toey) all the time, even though he fell in love with her at first sight. Bie and Vill scenes were fine, especially when Bie thought he was queer, but Oh and Toey just made me have a good laugh.
Sawan Biang - Louis and Jane, I really liked their couple, though Ken and Ann's storyline was good, I was rooting for Louis and Jane.
Yok Lai Mek - Andrew and Sara, they were really cute, I fell in love with their characters and story line. Rome and Janie's story line wasn't interesting.
Kha Khong Khon 2011 - Fang and Nam, although Nam's character was a whiner, I still liked this couple more than Pong and Noon. Pong and Noon's story was just too boring and dramatic. I like Fang and Nam's story, it was a force but both did not give each other the cold shoulder. They both kind to one another, very slowly fell for one another.
Sao Noi - Guy and Best, SO adorable. Great chemistry. Hope to see them pair up as pra'nang soon.
Likit Fah Chata Din - Charebelle and Mike, way more chemistry between those two and loved their sweet scenes, especially their end scene. They were more of pra'nang than Mo and Son.
Jai Rao - Vicky and Nott, they were your typical bickering couple, but you can tell they couldn't live without one another. Loved Aff and Ken in here too, their story was bittersweet, but Aff was always crying, which is too much for me, while Ken was always angry.
Whanjai Gub Nai Jom Ying - First and Mint, pretty much liked the whole cast and lakorn, but I enjoyed watching more of First and Mint's scenes.
3 Num Nuer Thong - Ken and Toey, though I do agree that Lumphao was wrong to play her game with Thee, considering he was in a relationship with Korn, I still loved these two. Kim and Mark were pretty blah to me.

That's all for now. Sorry for my long list. :)


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Forgot to add, Wung Narm Karng -Amy and Kelly, although there was an age gap between the two, they were sooooo cute. Considering Kelly still looks young and handsome for his age. I loved their bickering, though it was quite weird dating your friends "dad", but they were still cute. The main reason why I watched Dew Palace.


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I only got to watch few Lakorns.. but here's my list .. ^_^
Mint & Pope --> Tawan Deard
Gubgib & Nam--> DJA
Eye & Great--> The 6th Sense
Mint & First--> Whanjai Gub Nai Jom Ying
Nuer Mek--> Art & Koy (although they died in NM2 T__T)


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How about just the supporting actors/actresses and they don't necessarily have to be coupled. I have three in mind at the moment. I'm watching Pin Anong and I hate Weir's character, Charit; he's so bipolar. I'm in love with Jorm, played by supporting actor Hemmawat Nittayaros; he's so fine, even though he's not that handsome. The other one is in 365 Wan Hang Ruk. I love love Ken's character, but I also love love love Nott's character, Weet. The last one is Borisud Bumbut Ken. I fell in love with Art because of his character, Nont.


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Here are my favorite supporting couples:
Puri and Rodmay in Sai Soke.
Dom H and Aff in Jom Jai.
Nott and Vicky in Jai Rao.
Eye and Great in Sixth Sense


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Okay, so I'm way into Pin Anong now and I hate Jorm, Hemmawat Nittayaros. He's still so fine, but his character is a jerk. I'm shipping Nee (though not at the beginning) and Parn, played by Kratip Chawallakorn Wanthanapisitkul and Au Panu Suwanno, right now. Hehe.


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My list:
-Khun Chai Taratorn: Mom Luang Katesara and Chinnakorn, I found this couple to be very adorable and sweet. In my opinion, Grate and Preem didn't have any chemistry, the story itself was very bland. I watched Khun Chai Taratorn because of Katesara and Chinnakorn.
-Rak Pathiharn: Pimnamreumon and Rawipaat, Don't get me wrong, I like Kim and Smart and I think they look good together. But when I watched the lakorn, Nammon and Paat captured me. Great chemistry and great storyline.
-Wung Nam Karng: Sema and Bunleu, I love this couple. Despite the age gap between the two actors, their chemistry and story line was phenomenon. They are in my top five supporting couple. I continued Wung Nam Karng because of them. Pranang wasn't interesting at all.
-Sao Noi 2012: Kaew and Boonma, Sao Noi was a boring and draggy lakorn, to be honest. But the adventurous storyline between Kaew and Boonma was very fun to watch. Every time they were on screen, it was filled with excitement and surprisingly, Best and Guy had pretty good chemistry. 


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I  pair of Milk(Gubgib Sumonthip) and Pruek(Nam Ronnadech)
They're so cute and funny.


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there is a different between "dating" and "going out"  *3NNT* 
People who are not in a "COMMITTED" relationship date other people...
I know it's a tired argument....but I just wanted to get that fact straight....Ken character did NOT BELONG to anyone but himself! He also clearly stated that to her and she agree and understands that it's not a committed relationship....she is responsible for her decision to be in this relationship that is not going anywhere. 

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Dao Kiew Duen - Kong Karoon and Prang Kannarun, I love this couple too bad they weren't really developed as well as I would have liked.


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Cupid Candy said:
Dao Kiew Duen - Kong Karoon and Prang Kannarun, I love this couple too bad they weren't really developed as well as I would have liked.
Same! I loved watching them. I felt like they rushed it at the end with this couple. I mean, it just wasn't enough for me. I want them to have their own lakorn. haha. 


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Dao Kaew Duen - Kong & Prang. I wished they would've focused a little more on these two. They're super adorbs together.
Jai Rao - Nott & Vicky. I loved Ken & Aff but I think most of us can agree that we cant forget about the other two :)
Ruk Pathiharn - Alex & Mint C. I didn't care for Smart & Kimberly at all, Alex & Mint were way cuter.
Tawan Deard - Pope & Mint C. These two need to pair up as the pranangs one day.


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thatsouthernasianchick said:
Diana Flipo and Top Jaron! Even though Top is an A-hole in this lakorn, he and Diana still are very adorable together!
oh yeah i love this pair, big crush on Siwa&Koy though no happy ending for them but during their scene i actually shipping them as boyfriend/girlfriend