Stephen Salomonay ~almost famous~


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me too...i like all of kob's co-stars and i follow them until the lakorn ended...but after that i don't really follow them with different n'eks even if i still like them....


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Most Kob 's fans are loyal to her co-stars epec... when they have a lakorn with her, but after that we lose interest in them..heheh..but as for me I still follows some of them


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Some people are like a product on the shelf that no one notice or pay attention until someone takes if off the shelf and advertise it with a famous person.

For instance:

Pizza Hut (Jessica Simpson)
Twix (Shaq)
Diet Pepsi (Jackie Chan & Snoop Dog)

It’s true some of the products are high brand, but even high brand products needs promoting. To become famous you need to catch the viewers attention and keep them viewing your work. Viewers are different from fans, because fans followed and admired a certain person, while viewers would tune in to watch television (the more they watch the more they gossip to other people to watch the same thing they’re watching).

Viewer: a person who watches television
Fan: an enthusiastic devotee

By the time a pra’ek like Stefan finishes starring alongside Kob, they’ve gain demand, and a little fanbase (that would soon grow bigger). Even if 1-3 of Kob fans follows him, it won’t take long to get a dozen fan because Thai people have a tendency to spread things around quickly. Kob pushing her pra’ek is like advertising them to the public, getting people to notice their existence. Enough said, if you don't want to believe Kob's pusher than simply say you don't believe instead of making excuses.

I don't believe Kob fans brand Kob as a 'pusher.' It is the doing of the reporters because they have sharp tongue, and whoever comes out with a good headline gets the money.


I never knew p' Stepehen goes out w/ p' Namfone....either way...they look like an odd couple..but who ever he likes is up to him... :)


honestly I don't know what lakorn made Oil famous because he got more famous from two n'ek Kob and Aum.....but he was known before but so was Joni and Louis, Jr and Voy, Pookie and Nook....and all those other RS Stars...but that was just as a singer....and those stars I mentioned also did what Oil did act in lakorns too and movies but their movies and lakorns were blah.......but unlike Oil they didn't star with super hot n'ek like Kob and yeah Oil got more famous from these two n'ek....I'll stop avoiding long essay :)


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tye-niranh said:
wow, you're a true kob fan...that's cool
Of Course hehehe....

Too me, I haven't watch channel 7 lakorn for a long time ago but accept P'Kob lol.


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hmm stefan and numfon looks good together ... :) leave it that way haha their life they choose who they want to be with. As for stefan's acting I didn't finish that one with him and Kob but I thought Stefan did a pretty good job for his 2nd lakorn. No worries he'll improve over times. haha he's a rookie so give him some slack.